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Yakushima for inexperienced hiker? 2017/5/26 21:47
Hi all,

I am currently travelling though Japan, and would love to visit and hike through Yakushima for a couple of days before flying back home from Fukuoka.

However, I am not an experienced hiker, and do not have the budget to hire a guide. Can anybody advise whether it would be wise to go to Yakushima then?

Thanks in advance!
by Sanne (guest)  

Re: Yakushima for inexperienced hiker? 2017/5/27 14:16
Jomon cedar (said to be 7,000+ yr. old) hike may be too strenuous as you hike as fast as 6 hrs. or longer walking on rail tracks through scary high narrow bridges w/o handrails, between rocks, webs of tree roots, thousands of stairs.
But Unsuikyo has many well marked routes from an easy 1 hr. course that had interesting sceneries, many old cedar trees, beautiful rapids, etc. and even my frail wife was able to do.
Also you can take a bus to Kigen cedar terminus that gives about 20 min. to look around until the same bus departs but the interesting part of this bus ride was we saw about 10 small monkeys all lined up on the road side and white butt Yaku deer with big beautiful antlers close by.
I wore just regular walking shoes but you may want to wear hiking boots as you walk on wet rail ties with spring water flowing over for a while.
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Re: Yakushima for inexperienced hiker? 2017/5/27 19:38
We me 61 wife 57 visited there at the beginning this may.

We rent hiking shous and wind breaker at the hotel.

Shiratani unsui kyo is recommendation.

It is mot so hard and beautiful.
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Re: Yakushima for inexperienced hiker? 2017/5/28 14:46
I would take a bus up to Yakusugi Land. There are short and medium length walks around some big trees and all are easy. You can go as far as you like depending on the weather.
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Re: Yakushima for inexperienced hiker? 2017/5/28 21:05
I wouldn`t rule out the Jomon sugi. My wife and I (mid 60s) did it without any prior hiking experience. We did rent shoes and raingear, and of course you need to get to the bus stop early, but the hotel and a taxi can do that for you. I`d recommend that you plan for the first bus, which for us meant leaving the hotel at 4am. You also need a climb permit - but if you rent shoes, they will fill you in, and maybe even sell you that permit. Otherwise, you purchase it at the bus stop. Once off of the bus, just follow the others and you will get there and back. There will be many groups with guides, so if you get passed by and find yourselves alone on the trail, don`t worry, since another group will be along shortly.

Our trail to the Jomon sugi was 22km round trip, with the first and of course last legs of 8.5km non-strenuous walking the rail path. So just 6km was over `rough` or slightly more strenuous terrain. We did it in pouring rain in 10 hours, 6 up and 5 back.
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Re: Yakushima for inexperienced hiker? 2017/5/29 01:43
I saw the hiking permit form and asked if I needed but my hotel said not needed and
I didn't fill out.
It appears just in case you don't come back, somebody can alert a search. Nobody checks anywhere. As long as somebody knows you are hiking, that is all needed.
My hiking day in May last year was great, sunny, not too cold, not too hot and listening to
"Uguisu", Japanese bush warblers, singing their heart out along the way. Took only 6 hrs. R/T.
My hotel in Anbo ordered bf and lunch bento boxes and I picked them up from the shop by the Anbo bus station before the first bus arrived around 5am. The first return bus leaves at 3 pm from Arakawa Entrance. I was back too early for that but had time to go to Kigensugi after riding back. Make sure to come back before the last bus leaves(check).
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