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which mobile network is the best? 2017/5/28 19:11
hi! currently i am using a mnvo sim card. its pretty good but it is only 3GB. i asked about having an upgrade but my mnvo, Wirelessgate stopped offering this kind of plan, so i am thinking of getting a plan instead.

in my observation, AU targets foreigners. they are active in facebook. but i think docomo and softbank are the leaders, right?

what i mean by "best" is the most reliable/fastest internet connection (im planning to get 20 GB) and offers good package. (i dont require call but if there is a free unlimited calls, why not?) but still, internet is my priority.

For the phone, i am eyeing iPhone 7 plus red but i am open for your recommendations. i like the speed of apple but i am not convinced by the camera of iPhone 7

also, please share any tips you know on how i can get cheaper plan. by the way, i am below 25 years old so i qualify for the student discount (which network gives more discount?)

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Re: which mobile network is the best? 2017/5/29 11:04
I have used AU, Softbank before and all really exspensive.

Since you have already a Iphone, have look at OCN, which is Docomo. They have a 30GB package for 6000 yen a month. Also they have lower packages if wanted.

Personally I am really satisfy with this provider. English speaking help-desk is available if Japanese skill is not good.
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Re: which mobile network is the best? 2017/5/29 11:05
Purely on the network side (so not talking about plans) I have experience with all three and to me the only difference is coverage in remote areas, where Docomo is clearly ahead. This includes some relatively popular tourist areas like Osorezan or Goshikinuma.
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Re: which mobile network is the best? 2017/6/6 08:27
Since mobile networks are ridiculously expensive, now im thinking to stick w/ MNVO

(Though still can consider docomo or softbank iphone 7+ plan if i will be assured of great internet speed...)

anyway, which mnvo could you recommend?
Preferably without contract and great speed of data internet (willing to get 20GB)

im currently using wireless gate. Cheap but there is no way to upgrade my plan since they stop offering it.

I inquired in rakuten mobile. Great package but any feedback on their internet?
Also, it comes w/ 1 year contract...

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