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buying a mac book in japan 2017/5/28 19:20
hi! i am thinking of buying a macbook. i have a japanese debit card (not cash card, so it could work like a credit card) and i want it on installment. but my bank change 9% interest.
by any chance, are there campaigns in japan that they dont charge interest rate? i got this idea when i visited philiippine. i saw there are a lot of 0% interest rate for # months. this also confirmed by a friend.

i would like also to hear your experiences. did you buy by card? or cash?
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Re: buying a mac book in japan 2017/5/29 10:59
I pay often by cash. This way I know for sure I can pay something.

Using installment, depending on the debit/credit company, is quit normal and interest is often involved. This is how the companies earn.

There are shops who have their own credit card system and paying in installments is interest free. You just need to pay monthly a x amount of money and that for a x amount of years.

If you live in Japan you can require these credit cards.

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Re: buying a mac book in japan 2017/5/29 17:01
Yeah, same phenomenon in Indonesia too, not sure how they can profit from 0% interest in 2 years installments, perhaps the point is to gather as many credit card user as possible.

Unfortunately in Japan 0% interest is only up to 2 installments most of the time.
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Re: buying a mac book in japan 2017/5/30 10:57
Im ok with 2 installments, no interest! In which shop can i do that and does mufj bank offer that?
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Re: buying a mac book in japan 2017/5/31 13:16
Not sure if it will work for debit card,
but usually when I purchase something quite expensive
with my credit card the cash register staff will ask me:

- How many times would I like to pay?

- Would you like to pay in 1 installment?

I have read the pamphlet for my card ANA JCB cardthat paying 2 times means 0% interest,
and I tried paying 2 times and it did work as advertised.

I assume for example if you said "4 installments please" then it will be charged accordingly,
but I guess you have to check the interest rate yourself to be sure.
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