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Souvenirs in Kyoto and Tokyo? 2017/5/30 21:21
Hello there,

I'm hoping to buy my parents souvenirs from either Kyoto or Tokyo. My mom would love jewelry or clothing relating to Japan's culture, and my dad would like a shirt. They both would also like to have figurines or pottery unique to Japan's landmarks and traditions, particularly that of Kyoto. What are some stores that would have these things?

I am also looking for clothing, plush toys, accessories, or figurines of tanuki, wild boar, and/or akita inu. Would I be able to find any of these in Kyoto or Tokyo?

Thank you.
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Re: Souvenirs in Kyoto and Tokyo? 2017/6/1 01:03
You might try the Kyoto Handicrafts Center in Kyoto for many of the items you listed.

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Re: Souvenirs in Kyoto and Tokyo? 2017/6/1 21:19
In Tokyo you always have the Oriental Bazaar (http://orientalbazaar.co.jp/en/) on walking distance from Harajuku station. None of it is genuine but it looks nice enough for a souvenir and is affordable.
The more interesting things are on the top floor.
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