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3 days trekking in Kamikochi and mountains 2017/6/1 00:01

We are planning to do a 3 -4 days hiking from Kamikochi area during mid June 2017 and into the mountains. We are looking for a trail which is not dangerous and does not require chains or ladders - although we are good hikers i have height anxiety.
Can anyone recommend on such trek?
Does it require to return to Kamikochi our is it possible to return from some other town?
Where can we get good maps to find trails and navigate properly ?

Thank you so much,


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Re: 3 days trekking in Kamikochi and mountains 2017/6/1 12:40
Have you checked this site?
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Re: 3 days trekking in Kamikochi and mountains 2018/1/7 23:54
What did you end up doing? I am planning a similar trip for mid-June 2018 and I am looking for suggestions. I mostly see that the "season" starts in July, but I'm hoping there is still a way to get up to the high-country in mid-June. We're pretty experienced backpackers, but but not climbers.
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Re: 3 days trekking in Kamikochi and mountains 2018/1/11 23:44
It opens from mid-April officially according to, so the buses should be able to shuttle you into Kamikochi already by June (private cars aren't allowed in). There are some beautiful hikes from Kamikochi, and you can either choose to take it easy or bag some peaks. I took it easy during peak autumn season (early Oct), had base camps and explored the nearby trails e.g. based in Konashidaira and explored lower parts of Kamikochi, then moved on to Yokoo sansou, used that as a base to hike to Karasawa col. That took around 3 days, just relaxing in the area. If heading for the peaks, there's the Hotaka mountains as well as Yarigatake - is a good source for info of what to expect on the hike.

While waiting for the early morning bus into Kamikochi, I camped out at Hirayu onsen (Hirayu camp jo). Cosy little place, with farmers markets lining up the street near the bus station where you can buy some fresh food to cook on the first day at Kamikochi. Quite a treat.

Have fun!
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