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Shipping Tax Free Items to New Zealand 2017/6/6 19:59

Today we bought lots of souvenirs from tax free shops, got the discounts, and had the receipts stapled and stamped to our passports.

But we've realised... we don't have room in our bags for everything! And we are flying back to another country (Vietnam) tomorrow before we fly home to New Zealand in a week.

Can someone tell us - can we post the items home to New Zealand tomorrow? Will we have a problem with customs if we do that?

The items are:
- sealed snacks (candy etc) all in a sealed bag together
- hats
- key rings
- absolutely nothing electronic, but a few wooden and plastic souvenirs

If someone could please help us ASAP, that would be awesome! It'd be so annoying to have to lug it all through Vietnam but we really don't want to get in trouble for shipping it home.

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Re: Shipping Tax Free Items to New Zealand 2017/6/7 10:44
No problem; you are supposed to get the items out of Japan, and that is exactly what you want to do.
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Re: Shipping Tax Free Items to New Zealand 2017/6/7 12:22
If you want to be careful, when you ship out those items at the post office, I would take a copy or an image of the itemized description of the contents and the shipping label/postmark so that IF you are asked upon departure you can show that to say that you shipped them back home.

If you shipped anything of a big value, then you might want to fill out the "unaccompanied baggage" portion of customs declaration on board the aircraft to your country do as to make customs clearance back home easy.
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Re: Shipping Tax Free Items to New Zealand 2017/6/8 07:56
As a New Zealander who has posted gifts from Japan over several years, I never had a problem with NZ Customs who are the people who are going to be "interested"in what you are sending, along with the value. From what you have written non of this sounds like it has value that would be taxed at the NZ end. Sweets absolutely no problem. Post them in the boxes you buy from the Post Office and fill your international declaration out accurately with yen value. I only see a problem with wooden items as NZ are fairly strict on wood, to them it may contain mites or similar. Even if you had it in your hand luggage you would need to declare it and they may confiscate or demand fumigation at your cost .Laquered wood is ok, as are painted dolls. Watch bamboo however. Otherwise souvenirs, sweets, toys, novelties fine. As well I've always been impressed at the speed Japanese Post offices get these parcels to their destinations. Sometimes my friends have said they had them in 3 days from posting.
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Re: Shipping Tax Free Items to New Zealand 2017/6/8 23:39
Hello fellow Kiwi's!!

Last year I lived in Japan for about 14months and would ship items over to Auckland and had no problems. Also I have lived in London for over 8 years and would regularly order clothes, mainly hoodies and jackets (Japan is surprisingly cold) from this site: http://theidleman.com/shop/clothing/hoodies-sweatshirts.html

I would shop in Japan however, I am 6'5 and a bit on the plus side (basically i'm Samoan) haha and finding clothes to fit is extremely hard. Due to my size I've ruled out about 95% of the shops in Japan lol.
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