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Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/8 21:48
I am really just looking for a few suggestions of dishes when I am travelling with my partner and his parents.
He has an intolerance to egg- nothing dangerous but best avoided at least in its pure form.
My main concern is his dad, he doesn't eat rice or noodles/pasta.. so I'm struggling a little to imagine what I will suggest we eat when we travel. I have travelled in Japan quite a bit in the past so I know how big a part of the Japanese diet rice is and noodles are the obvious next carb. Okonomiyaki is fine for for the dad but my partner won't be able to eat that!
I really want to give them as much Japanese cuisine as possible but its tough to imagine what the options will be without rice especially!
Thanks for any ideas!
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Re: Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/9 13:13
Hi. He wont eat any rice at all, like not even in a curry? Japanese curries are awesome.

Japanese food without rice or noodles is a tough one. There is plenty you could eat, even cheaply (eg nimono, yakitori, okonomiyaki as you mentioned, karaage, potstickers and gyoza, tempura) but sooner or later he will want a carb. Some stews have potato or sweet potato in them but they'd probably be more in the local eateries which wouldnt have as much in english in them, they arent really tourist food.

But if he ate plenty of those things and then wanted a carb, Japan makes the best pizzas ever.
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Re: Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/9 13:54
Thank you very much for your input. My Japanese is OK so it shouldn't be a barrier.
I am quietly hoping that Japanese curry is too much to resist because like you say- it's awesome!
I am sure he will love the things you mentioned so thanks a lot!
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Re: Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/9 15:48
Please tell us what they ate Japanese foods in the past specifically.

Bread is also the same carbohydrate as rice and noodles and I have no idea what ingredients are bad.
(Meat or Fish is the main in the opposite of Vegetarian?)

Or, is it religious reason?
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Re: Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/9 20:59
I eat out quite a bit and I almost never eat rice or noodles when I'm out. It's extremely easy - just go to an izakaya and order whatever you like from the menu - raw fish, grilled fish, grilled chicken, fried chicken, grilled pork, vegetable dishes, French fries, potato salad, stews - you actually have to go out of your way to get rice at an izakaya.

There's just one ground rule for eating at an izakaya - you should order at least one drink per person, even if it's just a soft drink like oolong tea. And there's usually a small table charge (300 yen is typical). Izakayas come in all styles and price ranges, and most of my best dining experiences have been at good izakayas.
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Re: Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/9 22:18
As Umami Dearest (appropriately named) suggested, a lot of locals including mysef dine out without eating carbs. The non-carb diet is common in Japan too, and it's also common not to eat carbs while drinking alcohol (only because it doesn't taste good together for most drinkers). So it's not weird or anything to order food without rice or noodles. In fact, you even often need to order carbs as a side dish if you want it.

So just try any place where there are lots to choose from. Even among soba places, the fancy ones will have enough side dishes to please your dad. A lot of locals who avoid carbs eat plain tofu, so that's a nice Japanese option too.

Also, if anyone of you is interested in okonomiyaki, why not go for monja-yaki instead? They usually don't use eggs in it. Actually, eggs are quite avoidable as long as you talk to the chef. We used to successfully avoid it all the time, because my son used to be allergic.

Bon appetit!
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Re: Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/14 16:29
Thank you so much for your input.
Umami Dearest, an izakaya would be a perfect option. Ordering some drinks to go with our meal is not a problem, we are on holiday after all! :)
I think that sounds like a perfect way to introduce them to Japanese food for a western palate too.
Uco, thank you for that too- I will keep a look out for options at soba places too.
I have never tried monja-yaki before but I will definitely try to get it on our menu while we are away!
I am feeling far more confident I will be able to find food for our group to enjoy and taste authentic Japan now so thank you all very much.

Nalice, thank you for offering help- none of them have ever had Japanese food before really.
My partner tries to avoid egg as much as possible because of mild allergic reactions, and his dad has grown up with a dislike for rice, noodles and pasta. I assume it is a generation thing as my dad is just the same.
Bread is absolutely fine, I intend to take them to bakeries and patisseries! I'm just aware from experience that bread isn't a carb option in many restaurants- rice being a staple of the Japanese diet and noodles being the obvious alternative. I also really want them to have authentic Japanese food on the trip because it is probably the only time they will visit the country. An izakaya would be perfect so we will have some merry evenings :)
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Re: Just looking for a few food suggestions 2017/6/15 10:26
seriously guy i pity your conditions.

Guys who cannot eat egg, then his dad cannot eat rice... yet you wanna come to Japan...
is it hypochondria or very bad luck in the family.
there are plenty of options without rice or eggs. you can go anywhere an just do not eat rice or ask bread salad instead. you might want to be careful of cheap places giving rice bread (it doesn't look so different but taste awful)
its not as bad as not eating pork or beef in Japan, so you should definitely be able to do it.
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