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luggage delivery service the same day 2017/6/12 00:34
i'll visit japan soon this month
we'll move to another city everyday and i'm a bit confused about my luggage
can you give me suggestion of luggage delivery company?
but i hope this company can deliver my luggage at the same day
by reivan (guest)  

Re: luggage delivery service the same day 2017/6/12 10:52
Your hotel can help you with asking delivery, but in most cases it will be the next day, not same day delivery. You need to pack light, and maybe somewhere along the way plan to stay in the same hotel two nights for a laundry day.
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Re: luggage delivery service the same day 2017/6/12 11:11
Just take an overnight bag and send the luggage to the second city the morning you leave for the next city. When you get to the city you're traveling to, check in to the hotel (they won't let you in to your room, but you can leave the overnight bag in the lobby), and explore the city. Spend the night and the following day travel to the second city (where your luggage will be) and check into the hotel (leaving your overnight bag in the lobby) and explore the city. When you return to the hotel for the night, unpack and do laundry and pack again for an overnight and the next city and ship the luggage the following morning (when you're leaving) to the subsequent hotel.

I did this in 2015, where I sent my luggage to 6 different hotels via Kuroneko Yamato. I ended up staying at 15 hotels during the 29 days I traveled that year.
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