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The Tales of Japanese Folklore 2017/6/14 01:45
about story :

a girl who went to find water for her sick mother from mountain when drought occurred in the village
but she gave it to others along the way because they were excessive thirst.
no water left for her when she go back to the village but
At the same time it rained from the sky

which story of this table, is it ?


is it name △“うばすて山”より ?
by max (guest)  

Re: The Tales of Japanese Folklore 2017/6/14 16:15
I have never heard of such story, but it is definitely NOT うばすて山.
Because うばすて山 is about abondoning one's elderly parent in a mountain.
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Re: The Tales of Japanese Folklore 2017/6/15 00:00
It is correct that うばすて山( Ubasute-yama) is NOT, but don't know it is in that list or not.
I knew those titles about 90% so I searched for the left, but couldn't find exact stories bc these are not famous.

When and where did you see (heard, read) that story?
Is it Japanese?
Or, is it translated into foreign lang such as English?

I feel something close to "笠地蔵/Kasa Jizo",
but it is hard to imagine that this story was rebuilt as characters and the seasons.
Basically NOT only in Japanese folklore but in most countries,
there is a story saying "kindness for others who need help brings big lucky result(or miracle) later".
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