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shipping electrical appliances 2017/6/15 15:34
Hello, we need your help, please...
My son is living in Tokyo at the moment, coming back next week. He wantd to ship his personal things back today by post, as he did two times before. Today he was told, that he can ship only the old electrical appliances like ps3, but not ps4, wii u or his monitor. It is a new rule due to terrorism. We don't understand this and online I could not find anything about this issue. Please, is anybody out there who can help?
Thanks a lot, Lin
by Gerlinde Dutschke (guest)  

Re: shipping electrical appliances 2017/6/15 17:11
Why can your son not ask a question here himself? In any case, ask for more details at the post office.
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Re: shipping electrical appliances 2017/6/15 18:44
He can, but he is very busy at the moment so we divided the jobs that have to be done. He will go to the post office of course, but this information came from an employee from the post. I still hope for some tipps, for example other possibilities for shipping or other ideas, there is not much time anymore. Thank you!
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