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Rishiri & Rebun Island Hiking 2017/6/15 15:54
Hi All,

In a little under 2 weeks, I'll be on Rishiri and Rebun Islands for 2 night (each island). I'm hoping to do some light/medium walking but don't want to complete any of the quite difficult walks (such as to the summit of the Rishiri Volcano).

If anyone has been to either island - I'd love to hear your opinion on what it was like, along with an pearls of wisdom you might have. I'm aware that the Bicyle Route is probably the more doable on Rishiri Island....
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Re: Rishiri & Rebun Island Hiking 2017/6/17 18:01
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Re: Rishiri & Rebun Island Hiking 2017/6/17 19:52
Well, we did the Momoiwa course on Rebun, going from the southern point to the end of it just beyond the Momoiwa observation point, then went down the road and passed through the tunnel that leads to Motochi. It was very, very beautiful although until we reached Motochi there'd been thick fog and high winds which made it a little more challenging. We had 2 small children with us in carriers as well, so I assume that any adult without a baby and 3yr old will do it easily. I'd recommend hiking poles as some areas can get a little slippery if it has recently rained.

Oh and when we got to Motochi we managed to find a taxi by complete fluke, and caught that back to the Kafuka port for lunch. If you want to eat in the Motochi area, take your own food.

As for Rishiri, we caught the bus to the stop nearest Himemuma Pond and whilst we intended to walk up the road to the pond some kind elderly strangers from stopped their car and insisted we ride with them. After that we caught a bus back to the ferry port and had some delicious seafood shio ramen at a restaurant across the road, made with locally caught seafood of course.

FYI, we'd caught the first ferry to Rishiri, left for Rebun after lunch, stayed at Guesthouse Hamansu (southern point of Rebun) overnight, then set out for our hike the next morning. As I said, lunch was near the ferry port and we caught the last ferry back to Wakkanai. We stayed in Wakkanai at Hotel Miyuki before departing for Rishiri and after arriving from Rebun. The length of your stay and assumed childlessness should allow you to do some more extensive exploration. I'd definitely look into bike hire if I were you. Also, there are lots of hiking tours available. See my old thread for info http://www.japan-guide.com/forum/quereadisplay.html?0+138332 (by the way, there are cabs at the station)
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Re: Rishiri & Rebun Island Hiking 2017/6/17 20:28
I have been to Rebun only once, almost 40 years a go when I was a student. It was late June, the weather was fine, and it is the most beautiful scenery (Mt. Rishiri beyond the blue sea) I have ever seen in Japan. Do you plan to take your car to the islands? It might be very expensive so you might better park your car at somewhere in Wakkanai. The public transportation in the islands is not convenient, but your hotel might help you for the transport, like the port to the hotel and hotel to some touristic spots.
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Re: Rishiri & Rebun Island Hiking 2017/6/18 19:08
Thanks for the info guys.

I'm actually flying to Rishiri Island and picking up a car at Wakkanai after 2 nights at each island. The lack of public transport is noted. I've also got some more ideas about where I'll go as well based on the info provided...
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