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Signing up for internet 2017/6/21 21:51
I am looking to sign up for internet for a period one year. I would prefer cheapest option weighed against quality.

My current understanding is this: I can sign up with NTT fiber and pay for that on one contract, and then separately sign up for ISP and pay for that on another contract. OR I can sign up for both through an ISP, who I'm guessing intermediates for NTT.

I haven't managed to find out what the costs are, but my main concerns are initial costs, monthly (probably the same) and cancellation fees. I could find out that NTT FLETS has an initial cost of 15.000, and a monthly cost of about 3-4k, but nothing about their cancel fee. I'll try contacting them again by phone to get an answer, but if anyone knows/has experience with this I'd appreciate their input.

As for ISP, I am currently looking at Asahi-net. They have a 12month free campaign, with a cancel fee of 2000 apparently. I am also thinking about OCN, which has a similar offer, but no free months, and a cancel fee of 5000.

Alternatively, depending on the cancel fee of the NTT fiber, I am thinking of getting the pocket wifi Wimax from Asahi-net. It's about 4k per month, with first 6 months free, and a total cancel fee of 29k.

My main internet needs are as follows: stable connection with no dead/no-service times; streaming a lot of stuff, not necessarily HD but it would be nice; torrent download speeds of about 2-4 MB/s would be ok; general browsing and skyping etc.

Based on some rough calculations, presuming NTT FLETS has a similar cancel fee as its initial fee, the cheapest and easiest way to go would appear to be the Asahi-net Wimax. I'm not sure how it stands up to my needs though.

Any info would be much appreciated.
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Re: Signing up for internet 2017/6/22 21:45
The cancellation fees of NTT FLETS is depending on your contract, therefore NTT FLETS can not show the fees but it's normally between 5,000 - 23,000 Yen.

The most telecommunication company has a 24 month or 2 years contract, so the cancellation fee is varied.

For your case, I would recommend you to make a contract with MVNO company such as OCN.
For eg, OCN offers a 30GB data usage per month with 6534 Yen, max speed is 262Mbps. You need your smart phone(Tethering function) thus you can access via your smart phone as well.
OCN mobile one data has no (contract) breaking cost, no 24 month contract.
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