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December in Ginzan onsen 2017/6/22 18:01

Tried searching for ryokans availability in ginzan onsen but there are no availability for end December to first week of Jan. Am I too late or reservations haven't started for these period?

Your kind advice is appreciated.
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Re: December in Ginzan onsen 2017/6/24 17:59
It seems there are twelve ryokans in Ginzan Onsen.

I have checked all their websites, except Sakataya. Sakataya by Rakuten.

Yanadaya Phone only.

Matsumoto Availability checks need to specify dates. No rooms in Dec, Nov, ...

Ginzanso Dec 2017 is not yet. Nov 2017 has many rooms.

Fujiya Empty on 31 Dec 2018. Jan 2018 is not yet.

Shouwakan Checks need to specify dates. No in Dec, Nov, ...

Nagasawa Empty at least from 1 Dec 2017 to 31 Jan 2018.

Kozankaku Checks need to specify dates. No in Dec, but one on 30 Nov 2017.

Itouya No reservation info, but the fax number.

Notoya 26 Dec 2017 - appears to be already full.

Takimikan 30 Dec 2017 - 2 Jan 2018 full.

Kosekiya Dec 2017 not yet. Nov 2017 has many.

Sakataya Check needs to specify dates. No in Dec, Nov, ...

The year-end period is the highest season. Notoya and Takimikan have no rooms. Others might have a chance. But it seems most reservation period is a monthly basis. At least for now, only Nagasawa says there have empty rooms in that period. So, why not send a fax to Nagasawa. You may fax to Itouya, or call to Yanadaya.
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Re: December in Ginzan onsen 2017/6/26 08:10
Thank you soooo much Luisjp

At least now i know that I am perhaps not too late to book a ryokan there. And your reply gave me some ideas of which ryokans I should be focusing on to book in the next month (hopefully) when it opens for booking.

Thanks once again!
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