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Spring School Holiday Period 2018 2017/6/22 20:25
Hi all

Can someone please clarify when the Spring School Holidays (primarily for Tokyo) will occur in 2018? I understand this is usually around the last week of March through to the first week of April, but having read this article: http://annx.asianews.network/content/japan-eyes-new-school-holiday-sch...

It seems like the dates may change?

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Re: Spring School Holiday Period 2018 2017/6/23 17:50
The official public/state primary schools have spring vacation/holiday between March 26 2018 - April 5 2018 in Tokyo.

However, the last day at school for current pupils(1st - 4th grades) will complete on March 22(Thu), the spring holiday for them will be between March 23 - April 5 2018.

The graduation ceremony for 6th grade pupils(final year at primary school) will be held on March 23(Fri), 5th and 6th grade pupils will attend the ceremony. For 5th grade pupils, March 24(Sat) - April 5 will be their spring holiday.

The welcome ceremony for newly coming pupils to secondary schools(Chu-gakko) will be held normally on April 7 2018, so for 6th grade pupils(1st grade at secondary school from April) will be March 24 - April 6 2018.

But, this is a typical school schedule for primary school pupils. Some cities may be one day longer or shorter than the others, private schools run a bit different school schedule.

I don't think any schools shorten the spring holiday to keep study days. Some schools shorten the summer holiday to keep study days but not at spring holidays.
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Re: Spring School Holiday Period 2018 2017/6/23 17:51
The dates "MAY" change. Until said proposal becomes official. You can only go with the info you have.
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Re: Spring School Holiday Period 2018 2017/6/23 19:02
Thank you for your responses. Does this spring break also apply to state secondary schools, or is it just for primary school students?
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Re: Spring School Holiday Period 2018 2017/6/24 00:36
Actually, when final exams start, students will be practically free for the afternoon. Also, a great amount of children and teenagers attend private school. Universities are way more flexible too. If you can clarify the purpose of your question, someone may be able to provide more appropriate answers.
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