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Naha- worth to stay 3 nights there? 2017/6/24 05:15
Is Naha worth to visit? Is the island nice? Any recommendations?
I wanted to go to Zamami but i couldnt find any hotels and the flight and boats time difficult to coordinate. That is why I am considering just to stay in Naha.

by jackyloga  

Re: Naha- worth to stay 3 nights there? 2017/6/25 18:24
Of course, you can easily spend 3 nights in Naha and do day trips from there to explore the rest of Okinawa's main island.

Zamami is not the only island of the Kerama Islands. Have you checked out the other islands to see if there were any accommodations available? But you can also do a day trip from Naha to one of the islands. :)
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Re: Naha- worth to stay 3 nights there? 2017/6/25 23:41
If you are just going to be in Naha I'd suggest renting a car for a day or two to get out of the city and explore the rest of the main island.
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Re: Naha- worth to stay 3 nights there? 2017/6/26 00:47
You need a whole day to visit monument, learn history older and newer, and do shopping all in Naha, and another whole day to explore the roads and beaches of the Main Okinawa Island where Naha is, and another whole day to make a day trip from Naha to Zamami, so yes, you at least need 3 nights to be able to say you really went to Okinawa as a tourist. And if you still have time you can visit one of the many many other islands or revisit a spot you loved within the Main Island. Okinawa used to be an independent country, so of course there is enough to see at its old capital.
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Re: Naha- worth to stay 3 nights there? 2017/6/26 01:50
Agree with Uco - you can easily spend fruitful day in Naha city.
After that, you're probably either hiring a car and touring the main island or taking a boat or plane to see other islands.
Flight connections could mean that you spend more time if you want to go to the further islands- you'll need to look that up.
Plenty of threads on this forum that might be useful to you...
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Re: Naha- worth to stay 3 nights there? 2017/6/28 22:53
Naha is where most travelers stay when visiting Okinawa's main island. There is a large network of buses that depart from Naha to other regions. You can visit most of the sites on japan-guide's main island page from Naha:

The only one that is tricky to visit by bus from Naha is Hedo Misaki.
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Re: Naha- worth to stay 3 nights there? 2017/7/5 09:23
You can stay in Naha and strike out on day trips from there. Highly recommend the castle and the acquarium. Also would take the Kerama Island snorkeling tour that leaves from Naha:
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