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Analog camera in Japan 2017/6/25 05:56
Hey! I am looking for analog camera (フィルムカメラ) to buy in Japan. However even though I search in amazon jp and net-chuko I couldn't meet with my expectations. My Japanese friend told me that I will never find analog camera and will never find a camera shop that will print the pictures, but I am not really sure about that. If you have any recommendations on where I can find second hand analog cameras (preferably in Tokyo or Nagoya) I would be very happy! Also since Japan is like the country of cameras, and since I am not an expert on photography, if you have any brands that you would suggest that would be pretty cool too! -Even a Japanese second hand site/blog will be helpful too. Thank you!
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Re: Analog camera in Japan 2017/6/25 09:16
There are lots of stores that sell used film cameras. Bigger chain camera stores sell used film cameras, too, but they tend to be more expensive. There are stores that specialize in used cameras, and they tend to be smaller and may not advertise much. I came across such store in almost every city (even in a small town sometimes). I remember them well, because I am also into cameras/photography. If you are in Tokyo, try walking in Akihabara district, you will come across few of them.
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Re: Analog camera in Japan 2017/6/25 17:52
Film is still very popular in Japan with easy access to film and development. I shoot mainly B&W film and do the development and scanning of the negatives myself. If it is your first film camera, I would recommend a 35mm camera although I know several people who immediately went for Medium Format. Medium Format is not more difficult but the cameras are bigger and more expensive. Reach out if you need more information.

If you're visiting Tokyo, use the map and the excellent guides (see 'Related articles' section) provided by the Japan Camera Hunter to find the secondhand camera shops: http://www.japancamerahunter.com/2012/12/visiting-tokyo-then-go-here/
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