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Traveling Soon 2017/6/26 01:33
Hi everyone.
Next year I'll try to study in Tokyo, and I really wanted to meet friends before I go so I won't be by myself during my stay. It's a very different city from where I'm from and I wanted to know good ways to make friends in Japan before I depart!

Thank you.
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Re: Traveling Soon 2017/6/27 03:20
Have a hobby or do a sport and join a club, gym or even an online forum, etc. You say you are going for study to Japan, does the school or university have any clubs that you can join?
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Re: Traveling Soon 2017/6/28 18:44
If you will be in school, then as he/she has mentioned, joining the club activity is a great idea. Most of school do have a club where the members of the club are interested in English. So it'll be easy to go there first if you wouldn't find anyone to communicate.

If not, hmm bars?
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