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guitar strings around minato-ku 2017/6/28 11:37
Need help! Where can i buy guitar strings around minato-ku tokyo? Thanks!
by Redge (guest)  

Re: guitar strings around minato-ku 2017/6/28 16:38
Already found it?

If yet, "Ochanomizu" is biggest instrument shops gathred town in Japan.
(not so far by regular commuter JR train also Subway)
https://goo.gl/maps/LzxBd13vQwu (Change dep point and date/time)
Also you can walk fr Akihabara, see the instrument shop map.
(Pls be careful the wallet may be perfectly flat.)

And also you can purchase at other famous town Ginza, Shibuya, Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and more.
Kurosawa, Ishibashi, Yamano, Shimamura and some more very famous opened branch shops.
But shops are not close, finding a bit harder if no map.

Strings is 弦(Gen) in Japanese, so ask to a guy with guiter case if found at anywhere.
Guitar is "ギター " same word using any guys understood no worry.
Just say "この近くで(xxx)の弦が買えるお店はどこですか?"
Kono chikakude "(xxx) no gen" ga kaeru omise wa doko desuka?
(Where is the xxx type guitar strings sales shop near here?)
(xxx no) part is guitar type, ''エレキ(eleki = electric)", "アコギ(acogi = acoustic)" or others(Flamenco or?).
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