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wild orange&other South Asian spices 2017/6/29 16:39
I know that these specific spices/ingredients for cooking are used in the south and southeast region of Asia so it might be impossible or hard to find in Japan, but I really wanted to try and make a specific dish from South Asia and I am wondering if its possible to get these 3 ingredients in Japan: wild orange (the rind/skin), Asafoetida, and Allium hookeri (Hooker chives). If not is there any substitutes for any of these ingredients? If these are possible to get in Japan what are the names in Japanese? (the wikipedia for these have no Japanese available). Maybe there is a Southeast/South Asian import store with this stuff available (I live in the Kansai region)?
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Re: wild orange&other South Asian spices 2017/6/30 08:45
You might try asking your question at an ethnic restaurant that serves dishes similar to what you want to make. Better yet if some of their employees are from that country/region.
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