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look for gf's biological dad 2017/6/30 16:45
Hi, I promised my girlfriend that I would do all that I can to help her find her biological father. Her Filipina mother worked as an entertainer in Japan late 80's and early 90's. Her father was a race car driver and was a frequent customer in her mother's work. His name is tetsuro (tetchang) Murakami. Last known location was Kumamoto kin in 1991. He last visited them here in the Philippines last 1995 or 1996. After that no other contact has been made.
by Von Garrick dionisio (guest)  

Re: look for gf's biological dad 2017/7/5 15:52
I think you are going to need more information than you supplied. I looked for race car drivers with that name and found none. How about an address, or a phone number - even if old? There are investigative agencies that might be able to look for you, based just upon what you provided, but they would be costly - attending races, etc., taking weeks or months of work.

I do not use Facebook - but you might give it a try, with your GF looking at the faces in the posted photos.
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