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Finding antibacterial hand gel in Tokyo 2017/7/1 11:46
Hello. I need to use antibacterial soap on my hands, the kind you don't red water for. Unfortunately I haven't bought enough with me. Can anyone please tell me what I'm looking for here in Tokyo? Is there a popular brand or something that is easy to find? Small bottles that we can easily carry around are good.

Thank you.
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Re: Finding antibacterial hand gel in Tokyo 2017/7/2 04:39
Kao Muse is a typical well known antibacterial hand/body soap brand.
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Re: Finding antibacterial hand gel in Tokyo 2017/7/2 05:16
Look for the following words:

除菌 [jyokin] - removes bacteria (closest word to anti-bacterial)
殺菌 [sakkin] - sterilize
消毒 [shōdoku] - disinfect

石鹸 [sekken] - soap
ソープ [sōpu] - another word for soap
ジェル [jeru] - jel
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Re: Finding antibacterial hand gel in Tokyo 2017/7/2 13:05
Those gel alcohol products are better than any over the counter "anti-bacterial" soap. There's not enough triclosan or chloroxylenol in the anti-bacterial soaps to do anything but make the bacteria stronger as they survive and build up a resistance.

If you get an antibacterial soap like prescription-only PhisoHex, which has hexachlorophene in it, it will kil the germs but there are strong side effects if used to much (abscesses on the brain for example). It's what surgeons use to scrub up with before going into the operating room, but they only use it on surgery days, usually once per week.

"Anti-bacterial" soap is just a marketing ploy to make people think they're killing the bugs when they buy a product other than plain soap. Plain hand soap and water has been shown to be just as effective at removing bacteria as these "A-B" soaps. Use soap with water and then an alcohol gel if you want to kill off bacteria without contributing to the buildup of stronger strains of bugs. Even then some bacteria survive as even 60% alcohol isn't strong enough to get them all.

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Re: Finding antibacterial hand gel in Tokyo 2017/7/4 09:25
Show these sentences with your smartphone at the store.
(super market,drug store,conveniense store,DIY store....)

Do you have hand gel?

Do you have antibacterial soap?
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