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Staying over near Akan National Park 2017/7/2 04:53

We're visiting the Akan National Park between the 24th of September till the 29th of September.
Could you recommend a nearby town that we can stay over and access from there to Akan National Park on the shortest path as possible?
How many days would you recommend to stay in Akan National Park?
Is 2.5 days is long enough? Should we stay less? (We'll go to day hikes)
by Adamba  

Re: Staying over near Akan National Park 2017/7/2 15:56
Isn't Akan National Park enormous? It contains the area of Lake Akan, Lake Mashu and Lake Kussharo. There is always the onsen town on the shore of Lake Akan to stay; or a lot of other towns and onsen towns and you would still be in the middle of the park.
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