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Buying matcha overseas 2017/7/4 06:49
Hi all

I have been buying matcha overseas but find the range of available types to be very limited. Most stores I know sell only two or three qualities at most, of which often one is intended for cooking. Usually also marketed towards healthy hipsters and yogi which I can't relate to. When visiting Tokyo at Mitsukoshi department store they had 10+ variations to choose from and in Uji even more. Does anyone have good experiences with stores in Europe or Japanese web stores that ship abroad? Most Japanese websites for retailers look like they don't have a true web shop.
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Re: Buying matcha overseas 2017/7/4 18:15
You might know this sight already.

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Re: Buying matcha overseas 2017/7/4 19:31
These are the two very well established tea shops in Kyoto which I have ordered my teas especially matcha :-

1. http://www.ippodo-tea.co.jp/en/
Ippodo has a proper online store

2. http://www.kyoto-teramachi.or.jp/horaido/greentea.htm
With Horaido, orders can only be made via emails but they are pretty efficient
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Re: Buying matcha overseas 2017/7/5 21:08
Man i was highly dissapointed by Ippodo tea, the Sencha i ordered from them had not taste. I dont know if it were my taste buds that are not sophisticated enough to taste the subtle notes or if their tea was tasteless.

But i definetly did not have the problem with other Senchas that grow in Japan.
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