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How to send a fanmail to Kumi, Ayaka & NGZ46 2017/7/5 17:20
Hi, I was wondering if there was any way possible that I would be able to send a fan letter to my all time favourite idol in Japan? If so, how? All I know is that I would need to know where to send it to and how to send international letters (which I don't know how), but is there anything else, cause I'm clueless on how I would send a letter to Japan in the first place? Any help is appreciated!

PS: I'm sending it from Singapore ^^
Kumi was an ex member of SKE48 and Ayaka is also an ex member of Sakura Gakuin and NGZ46 means Nogizaka46. I would like to write a letter to a specific member in NGZ46
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Re: How to send a fanmail to Kumi, Ayaka & NGZ46 2017/7/5 19:55
The address of "Fan Letter : ファンレター" and limitations is written on the official website of each group.
It may be difficult if the graduated members are still not a talent as belonging talent agency.

Pls ask at post office or read the post office web in your country about how to send it.
The charge of international mail is not related to Japan's postal system as letter size, weight, type of stamp and charge.
Fortunately, Singapore is not big country, it seems that it will arrive about one week by air.

Opposite way "Japan Post" delivary simulator said,
Japan(Nagoya also Tokyo) to Singapore is 220Y(about 2.8SGD,today) as 30g letter, 3 days.

It will be delivered even if written in Japanese, but pls write "(TO) JAPAN" in English with like this.
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Re: How to send a fanmail to Kumi, Ayaka & NGZ46 2017/7/6 07:46
Sending a letter is just the same whether it is local or international.
Just get your address correct and bring it to the post office for correct postage stamps.
Letter to Japan CAN be written in English.

Most of the artiste in Japan are under management company so fan will have to write directly to the mnagement company address to the artiste.
Info is easily available on the internet. Quick google will led you to this. So the next step is for you to find the address to send your Fan Letter.
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Re: How to send a fanmail to Kumi, Ayaka & NGZ46 2017/7/6 22:50
Kumi Yagami has a twitter account, post a comment there.

Ayaka Miyoshi has a instagram account, post a comment there.

For Nogizaka members fan letter:
「乃木坂運営事務局」(Nogizaka Unei Jimukyoku)
XXXX(name of member you want to send)

(NOTE:Nogizaka members do not reply you even though if you enclosed a return postage)
They can not read English letters.
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