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Rental pickup truck with a driver-Possible? 2017/7/7 18:22
I live in Osaka. I want to shift within Osaka(from Ikuno to Shirasagi-8Km). I have searched for moving companies but they tend to be expensive. Is it possible to get a pickup truck including a driver?

I don't have much stuffs so I can load and unload by myself. I cannot drive the pickup truck since I don't have a driver's license.
by Ashish Man Singh Pradhan (guest)  

Re: Rental pickup truck with a driver-Possible? 2017/7/8 03:22
A quick search lead me to http://www.rentora.com/ and http://www.japan-truck.co.jp/. Neither site has a English version, but since you live there, maybe someone can help you translate and set you up. Good luck with your move.
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Re: Rental pickup truck with a driver-Possible? 2017/7/8 12:42
There is a car rental, but the driver does not attach.

The moving company will feel expensive, but it is safe bcit is also in packaging and insurance.
If there is no parking lot at the new place,
you have to apply to the police station for permission to use the road,
but we will give you an estimate including that.

Pls try searching "大阪 引越 単身 安い" at Google.

Depending on the amount of luggage, date etc.,
if you are single, there are also some companies around 20000Y,
Online estimating(見積 mitsumori) is not enough,
so call multiple companies ASAP and compare them.
Most companies are free.

This company offered fr 9500Y if within 10 km, work within 2 hours.
Use Google translate.
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Re: Rental pickup truck with a driver-Possible? 2017/7/23 18:31
I have used Japan Truck recently to move my stuffs to my new place and found the service impeccably good and cheap compared to other moving companies.

You can even request for a support/helper (さぎょういん じょうす) for the price of 8k yen.
The website is compatible for English translation too.

The order can be made simply by filling the form which is provided in the website (http://www.japan-truck.co.jp) or by simply calling them. For moving, I would highly recommend Japan Truck http://www.japan-truck.co.jp
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Re: Rental pickup truck with a driver-Possible? 2017/7/25 13:55
you need to ask your friend to help you out .. he any of your close friend have a kuruma mennkyou.
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