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Woman in Japan 2017/7/9 07:48
Hi, I was wondering how safe it is for a woman to be traveling on her own? I am a 24 y/o female, and I'm planning to travel alone to Japan this summer, for the first time... Thanks!
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Re: Woman in Japan 2017/7/9 09:34
I have seen lots of young solo female travelers in Japan. I met one woman from France on a bus to Hagi. She said it was her 6th solo trip to Japan, and she has visited more popular destinations already. And she does not speak Japanese.

Even in a safe country like Japan, crimes do happen. So avoid the usual scenarios (late night, dark streets, etc.).
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Re: Woman in Japan 2017/7/9 15:21
The main complaint I have heard is groping on busy trains, some trains have women-only carriages during rush hour that you can use.
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Re: Woman in Japan 2017/7/9 15:47
I have met many solo female travelers during my trips to Japan and they have all been having a great time. I don't know where you are from but you would almost certainly be safer that you are at home.
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Re: Woman in Japan 2017/7/9 19:28
I travelled solo at 26 in Japan. It was so easy and much safer than where I am from. I've heard about the train thing but even after living in Japan for a few years I have never encountered it, nor have any of my other foreign friends. The only time I was harrased was 'surprise surprise' st Shinjuku station by a foreign man but the close proximity of a police box fixed that. This is the country where if you lose your wallet you can likely get it back from the local police...with your money still in it.

In saying that, bad stuff happens anywhere in the world so instrad of being an unlucky statistic, take the basic precautions that you would in your own country.
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Re: Woman in Japan 2017/7/13 02:34
Hi, I'm Japanese and live in Tokyo. I think Japan is safe ( I don't know where you live in) to travel alone for woman. But most of Japanese can speak only Japanese, so I recommend you to know some Japanese to ask at the restaurant or some other place. But if you visit kind of sightseeing friendly place, there may be some English speakers..

Anyway I hope you enjoy your trip :)
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Re: Woman in Japan 2017/7/13 21:00
In all likelihood Japan is safer than the country you are living in. It is just VERY safe over here. So just come over and enjoy.
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Re: Woman in Japan 2017/7/14 23:50
I'm a white, blonde female who has travelled solo in Japan twice, once at 24 and once at 26 (although I look about 16!), for two weeks each time. Never had any issues safety-wise in large or small cities. Just exercise normal precautions and you'll be fine. It's a very rewarding experience and Japan is a very easy country to travel solo in - I'm currently planning my third trip for next year! Have fun!
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