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Wholesale market 2017/7/9 14:38
Have you ever gone to Japanese Wholesale market.What is the difference between Wholesale market and
retail market.When the Business open(Such as 1am or 3am).Do I need to buy goods in bulk amount.Can I get discount(such as 20% off).Can I participate in Auction.Do you know website name which provide us Wholesale markets location,business time, Auction time.
by Misa (guest)  

Re: Wholesale market 2017/7/10 21:11
Wholesale markets are typically for retailers or resellers to buy in bulk and not intended for the general public. Opening times for these markets depends on the type of product being sold.

What products exactly are you looking to buy? I imagine that without fluent Japanese, it would be very hard for any foreigner to have much chance of being able to buy anything at an auction.
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