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About japanese school clubs 2017/7/10 09:33
Hi guys, I have a question. This weird but I've seen many anime about air gun club in japanese school (like Sabageru! Survival Game Club), is there any air gun clubs or just in anime??

Sorry for my bad English 😅
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Re: About japanese school clubs 2017/7/10 17:39
It's just in anime. Airguns are typically prohibited at schools.
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Re: About japanese school clubs 2017/7/10 22:33
Yes, so just in Anime, Manga(comic) also in light-novel as fiction.

But also a lot of other fictional club and circle activities are written.
(Sabage-bu(サバゲ部 in さばげぶ!) also listed in "さ(Sa)" table. )
(Google translate will not function correctly.)
However, pls don't forget similar gun action by school girls "C3部 (C-cube)"
in "Stella Women's Academy, High School Division Class C3".

In recent big hit titles, " Idol kenkyu-bu(research club)" in "Love Live!" is the most famous.!
The 2nd is "Goraku-bu" in "Yuru-Yuri" and more.
In 15 years around "SOS-Dan" in "Haruhi Suzumiya",
also "Host-bu" in "Ouran High School Host Club" are famous.
"Kill la Kill " is the most strange clubs names are shown maybe.

In last year 2016 middle hit title "High School Fleet" is not in school club activities,
but they(only school girls) operating a "battle ship" by themselves is very wired as considering common sense.
(There is a maritime practice of a real fishery high school in real.)

Sabage-bu, C3, Upotte, GUNSLINGER GIRL, Jormungand, Black Lagoon and more titles
as great real guns and weapons action, these have a lot of fans
even if not a "Mili-Ota(Military-Otaku/heavy=level crazy fan)". (categorize of Mili-Ota) (one of parody)
Japan has no conscription system, but most boys are interested in weapons including guns just for knowledge.
It is the same as foreigners loving "Japanese swords(Nihon-tou)" as Samurai weapon or Ninja item.
I'm also not a Mili-Ota, but like to watch expert's consideration as study.
(It may be necessary for over 5 years to be able to understand this lecture.)

Anyway, if really want to more,
most high schools in Japan have their web and also introduced club activities as school life.
Schools that accept foreign students actively have English guidance like this but not so many.
(Even only in Japanese, you will be understanding by "Google translate".)
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