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Yudono-san (dewa sanzan) bus to Haguro-san 2017/7/11 00:29
The Yudono-san page states there is a bus that still makes three daily trips between Yudono-san and Haguro-san (as there is no direct Yudono-san to Tsuruoka bus anymore). I am unable to find anything to substantiate this claim. Does anyone have a link to the bus schedule/timetable?
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Re: Yudono-san (dewa sanzan) bus to Haguro-san 2017/7/12 08:56

Look at this :) But it's only weekends. I have plans to use it too.
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Re: Yudono-san (dewa sanzan) bus to Haguro-san 2017/7/12 09:28
Excellent. If I'm reading this correctly, on the weekend, there is in fact still a bus that runs from Yudono-san back to Tsuruoka from 4:15-5:32. The dewa sanzan page says there are three buses that run from Yudono-san back to Haguro-san, but this does not appear to be the case. More accurately, there are two that do so, as well as one that still runs Yudono-san to Tsuruoka.

I imagine that the late bus was kept this way for people like me who want to do all three in one day. My schedule will look like this:

6:02-6:32 BUS Tsuruoka station to Haguro-san base
6:32-8:05 Climb to Haguro-san
8:05-9:00 BUS Haguro-san to Gas-San 8th
9:00-4:15 Climb to Gas-san and descend to Yudono-san
4:15-5:32 BUS Yudono-san to Tsuruoka station
5:32-6:23 Wait at Tsuruoka station for train

If I am reading this page correctly as well:

Are you doing something similar? I want to confirm I'm reading everything right.
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Re: Yudono-san (dewa sanzan) bus to Haguro-san 2017/7/15 08:58
I think the same. Only I don't think I can do it in one day. Yes, I had read about few people, who did it. But as I know myself I'll go not so fast, want to make a lot of foto, sit and look at the nature. So my plan is like this:
1st day I'll go from train station to Haguro san, put my bag to shukubo and second half of day is for visit Haguro san up to late evening.
2nd day I'll take the bus at 6:35 to Gas san 8 station. Then go to the summit and then to Yudonosan. And go by bus 16:15 back (bus goes to Tsuruoka, but I'll spend second night at Haguro san).
As for me, I want to go from Gas san to Yudono san very much, but I'm afraid of ladders very much too. And I cann't be sure I will be bold enough to do the ladders part of trek. So I have plan B:
2nd day I'll go up to Gas san. Feel scared :) And go back by normal bus 16:00, spend second night at Haguro san.
3rd day I'll go by this "rebirth shuttle" bus from Ideha Museum bus stop 9:20 to Yudono san. Visit the temple and go by shuttle back.
So, if I'm lucky and bold, the 3rd day I'll go for a walk and have a free day at Haguro san, may be visit museum. And if I'm too big coward, I have this extra day for Yudonosan.
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Re: Yudono-san (dewa sanzan) bus to Haguro-san 2017/7/19 01:18
we are planning to do 1 day from tsuruoka to Hagurosan getting off the bus at Zuishinmon and walk up to the 2446 steps to Hagurosan. That day we are staying at a Ruokan at Haguroyama and the day after we leave to Gas-san and than do the hiking to Yudono-san. Last Bus from Yudonosan car park leaves at 16:15 and arrives in Tsuruoka Eki mae at 17:32. This bus operates ONLY during week end, not available during week day. The best description of the hiking in my opinion is here:
I hope this helps!!
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Re: Yudono-san (dewa sanzan) bus to Haguro-san 2017/7/20 06:38

We are visiting Dewa Sanzan in August, and we want to do the same, I mean, visiting the three shrines the same day and coming back to Tsuruoka (Saturday).

If you are/were able to do it, could you share your experience and advices to achieve it?

Thank you!!
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Re: Yudono-san (dewa sanzan) bus to Haguro-san 2017/7/23 01:03
My visit will not be until August 2018. However, given the time schedule I don't see it as being a problem for us. Like I had mentioned earlier, we are very physically fit and can cover more ground than most.
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