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Unzen to Shimabara bus using SunQ pass 2017/7/12 10:29
Hi, I cannot find the English timetable for the bus schedule using SunQ pass from Unzen to Shimabara. Hope someone could help. I plan to go Unzen from Nagasaki on the first bus in morning. But I only have about 5h if I return to Nagasaki, so thought of going Shimabara instead to stay overnight. Is there a locker in Unzen when I can put my bag pack?
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Re: Unzen to Shimabara bus using SunQ pass 2017/7/12 23:05
Local bus lines are no ENG info usual.

Use this.
Search fr keyword(input area, town, or bus stop name) : キーワードから探す
Nagasaki : 長崎
Unzen : 雲仙
Shimabara : 島原

timetable : 時刻表(jikoku-hyo)
Click すべて(subete) = all days info
- Weekday : 平日(hei-jitsu)
- Sat : 土曜 (doyo)
- Sun and national holidays : 日祝(nichi, shuku = Nichiyo, Shukujitsu)
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