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Staying for hours in McDonald's? Is it OK? 2017/7/18 18:45
My friends and I are planning to visit Tokyo next year. We plan to stay at an Airbnb near Ikebukuro station. Our flight out on AirAsia will depart around 8.25 am, thus we have to be in Narita airport around 6 am.

We decide to take The Access Narita, which depart from Ginza Station and Tokyo Station and have many time options to depart around 4am - 5am. The ticket itself will be paid onboard, no reservation needed.

Since the last metro from Ikebukuro to Ginza departs at 12.04 am and arrive at 12:22 am, we think that we will wait for 3 hours at 24 hours McDonald's in Ginza until our bus depart at 4.05 am.

Is it OK in Tokyo (or Japan) to stay for a long time (2-3 hours) in McDonald's or any fast food chain? We, of course will buy something there. This practice is acceptable in Indonesia, but i don't know about the custom in Japan.

If somebody here had taken bus shuttle (The Access Narita) on early-morning to Narita, please do share your experience. That will be really helpful too.

Thanks in advance for helping us
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Re: Staying for hours in McDonald's? Is it OK? 2017/7/18 23:18
It is okay. Some homeless do it.
Just check out that that McDonalds you target is open 24/7.
As an alternative some night sightseeing might also be nice. If you have the energy.
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Re: Staying for hours in McDonald's? Is it OK? 2017/7/18 23:41
If you order once an hour you will not receive any claims.
Only one order for long stay is bad manner.

Although it is not officially restricted Mac shops in Japan,
but Mac in Thailand regulated to 30 min already.
If the number of people with bad manners continues to increase,
they may activate new regulations by the day you reach there.

By the way, NRT provided free nap spaces.
Pls use a coin locker (charged) to keep valuables.
There are restaurants and vending machines, so no problems.
Also Capsule Hotel "9h" exist, located in front of terminal building, very close.
Anyway, read the NRT web all, again.
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Re: Staying for hours in McDonald's? Is it OK? 2017/7/18 23:57
Thank you LikeBike and Pong Lalongdong, for know i'm pretty sure we will spend the night at 24-hour area in Terminal 3 Narita even though we will depart from Terminal 2.

I had read the option in airport in earlier, but i thought that was only for transit passengers
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Re: Staying for hours in McDonald's? Is it OK? 2017/7/19 01:02
Note that Narita Airport officially encourages early-flight passengers to use the following 24 hr areas.

Newspaper articles tells us that the Airport is trying to keep the increasing number of early-flight passengers in one place as possible so that they won't have to spend so much money on electricity and security.

Bon Voyage!
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Re: Staying for hours in McDonald's? Is it OK? 2017/7/21 09:08
There is nothing for me to say, everyone is right... I have done this and experience it.

LikeBike is 100% correct; s/he pointed out a lot of good points. I just wanted to add that some McD are "smart" McD, meaning that the store/restaurant has WIFI and enough outlets for people to plug and charge their phone, laptop or portable device at each table. what I did was I always carry my own "3 Way Outlet Wall Plug" (please note that in the State our outlet has the ground pin, most of Japan outlet do not come 3rd "ground" pin) 3 way outlet come in handy for you and your friend to share at one table and maybe be kind to share with someone waiting.

I want to add on to Pong Lalondong cover it, I believe as long you order once at McD you are good and you sit in a area away from the main seating area you should be okay, but if you are in the noodle shops or rice bowl shops, (sorry I don't know what you guy call it, but that what I call it, no disrespect) but you get the idea of the restaurant, you have to order hourly, a meal than drinks from there or two meals than drinks regularly.

If your thinking about waiting at a park, they are people who have done it, please read up on it. I believe you the only problem you have will be with the bugs or police. I was going to do it one night but I ended up connecting with 3 strangers and we ended up hanging out all night talking.

Good Luck
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Re: Staying for hours in McDonald's? Is it OK? 2017/7/23 19:05
Thank you SeikoSKO for another insight. We surely will consider all possible options based on our schedule, budget, and other variables.

I hope that this thread will be useful for other people too
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