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Genkaishima Cat Island 2017/7/19 14:33
I am going to Fukuoka and I wanted to visit a cat island. I found Genkaishima Island. Is it worth going? Can I easily go over from Fukuoka? I researched a bit online and found that I can go to Hakata Port to go to Genkaishima Island but on the website, it only talks about going to international locations like to Busan, Korea. I can't find the ticket price and how long it takes to go to Genkaishima Island.

Can anyone help? Thanks!
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Re: Genkaishima Cat Island 2017/7/19 19:39
I haven't been to that particular island, but I visited a different one (Tashirojima) last summer, and it was a fairly depressing experience if you like cats. A lot of the cats are in poor health, and there's a very high percentage of kittens, which implies that the average life expectancy is low.

I'd recommend visiting a few different cat cafes instead - it's a much nicer experience.
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Re: Genkaishima Cat Island 2017/7/19 22:26
Ferry goes to Genkaijima Island from Bayside Place. You'll be on board for 35 minutes. Fare is 860 yen.
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