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Naruto in Japan 2005/4/15 05:42
How popular is Naruto in japan? Also, is it aired with english subtitles or if I have a bilingual tv can I watch it w/subtitles?

Thanks in advance...
by Black Mage  

. 2005/4/16 21:57
How popular is Naruto in japan?

So popular among boys (and otaku girls).

Also, is it aired with english subtitles or if I have a bilingual tv
can I watch it w/subtitles?

Like most other anime shows, it is aired w/ Japanese voice and no
English subtitles.
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.. 2006/12/17 04:38
Popular amoung boys?

My friend told me that most of the girl ones are lame, and for the most part, I agree. But are girls really not into it? That comes to a shock to me, somehow...

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I think people forget... 2006/12/17 15:57
That most anime in Japan is seen as a "kid`s" thing or an otaku thing (the idea of otaku is different in Japan). While shows like NANA and Deathnote have large fanbase across the board. Naruto is a kids` show. It`s usually popular with boys 13 and under. Otaku girls/women (I think they`re refered to as "otome") are more into BL (boys love) and shoujo rather than shonen anime. And older otaku (adults) seem to be more into mecha and moe anime.
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... 2006/12/29 14:34
But isn't Naruto "recomended for ages 13 and up"? And I have a "friend" in Japan who is about twenty-five and a a girl, and she likes Naruto! I don't mean to be contrary, but I guess I can't help it, it comes as such a shock to me!
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I saw Sasuke facial cleansing wipes xD 2006/12/29 23:30
Oh, it has its fair share of girl fans. Anything that popular would...though I admit they'd mostly be otaku. There are older people who like Naruto, too. I just don't think many people would admit it.
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Japanese visits 2007/1/5 14:32
Well, my friend's family resently hosted a Japanese relative, and I came over with my family one day for dinner. After we had finished, me and my friend went online to watch Naruto on youtube, her Japanese relative came too! She said that she really liked Naruto and that Sasuke was her favorite(at least, that was my interpretation).

She is about 23 and is (obviously) a women.

And don't know quite hat the point of that was, I guess it was just a little anecdote for all y'all...
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A lot of my friends like it. ^^ 2007/1/5 15:23
I'm not Japanese, but at my school there's an anime club, and most of the people are girls. And most of us are obsessed with Naruto. ^^ But most of us also hate Sasuke with a passion. XD

Our range in ages is from 13-18/19-ish, so yep. ^^ Maybe if we were in Japan we'd be different? Lol.
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Naruto for the Nintendo DS 2007/1/5 20:07
Naruto fans may like this piece of news:

LOS ANGELES – Jan. 3, 2007 – Nintendo DS™ owners will finally have a NARUTO game to call their own. TOMY Corporation and D3Publisher of America, Inc. (D3PA) today announced the upcoming release of NARUTO: Ninja Council 3 for the Nintendo DS™. Anticipated to ship in Spring 2007, NARUTO: Ninja Council 3 is based on episodes from VIZ Media's hit anime series SHONEN JUMP NARUTO and will feature mission-based gameplay for up to four players. The ninja action game utilizes an interchangeable attack system allowing players to combine attack techniques from all available characters in the mission to increase their chance of success.

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Naruto in germany 2007/1/6 00:15
i wish i would be in japan naruto as manga is so damn good and in germany the anime is so bad the vioces n stuff its terrible....
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hello 2007/4/11 09:02
i live in america and a few people like anime the one who do are called geeks but we don't care as long we have anime nothing can stop us oh and does NE1 know wut happens after gaara gets kidnapped (naruto shippuuden)???
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What happens to Gaara... 2007/5/3 02:43
Gaara gets his demon taken out by Akatsuki, leaving him dead. Naruto and Kakashi confront Deidara (the guy with the bird) and Naruto ends up using more of the Kyuubi's power than he should so Kakashi has to seal him. Also, it is revealed that Kakashi has Mangekyou Sharingan (the dojutsu that Itachi has). Meanwhile, Sakura and Chiyo are fighting Sasori, who reveals his true form, which is really just a circular plug that he can fit into any of thousands of his different puppets. In other words, he is practically unkillable. Also, he beat both of his parents, as well as the 3rd Kazekage, nearly to death and turned them into puppets while they were alive. Sakura and Chiyo end up killing him with his own parent-puppets. Chiyo (who was the one that originally sealed Shukaku in Gaara) gives her life to revive Gaara. It is unknown as of yet what effects the removal of the Shukaku had on him.

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it gets better 2007/5/5 01:26
If you continue to read the manga. It gets a lot better.
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Sakana Midori 2007/5/5 17:22
No, as the poster said before most Anime shows including Naruto are viewed as kid's shows(many people think that Anime is viewed as teenager and up material) however just because it is a kid show doesn't mean some Adults do not watch it. It's like an Adult in the USA watching Danny phantom.
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Anime 2007/8/10 23:15
I think all of it is based for teens why else do they take out the blood and the swearing because they know americans will complain about every little thing because their kids will watch it. That's to Raichan. But, Naruto is very loved in my eyes but not in english they really should have done a better job in casting that woman sounds like she's trying not to gag on a hunk of cake and puleeze with that obvious pretty boy voice for Sasuke. If you let me cast that show it'd be practically bang on- do you know how many people out there nearly already sound like them naturally? But I think america is over doing the merchandise, they clearly think they hit a home run with this and can't wait to milk people.
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I'm sure you would think that.. 2007/8/14 03:55
Have you ever been to Japan before?
I can see why you would think that it is made for all teens but shows like Naruto and Bleach are made for the viewing audience of kids 10-13. This is where culture comes in, while something may seem mature because of it's content in America,in another country people might think of it much differently. For example when I was in Japan my friend told the boys of the Kendo Club that he loved Naruto, many people were happy and excited about this because he was interested in something that was Japanese, but a lot of the boys yelled things like "Are you a little kid?"/"Thats kind of odd!"(Of course they were joking around, but I think they meant what they said).
I think a lot of Anime viewers think their Anime viewing habits would be more accepted in Japan but I don't think thats true at all as most of it is viewed as a "Kid's thing" just like many Cartoons in America. However like Japan there are exceptions.
And you shouldn't generalize Americans as complainers, they exist in every country.

The swear words you read through subtitles usually aren't really swear words. For example.the word yabai means really bad or unfortunate but it is always translated as "S***!". I think the people who subtitle episodes are trying to make it more interesting for viewers.
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Not all girls hate it 2007/8/14 22:21
I'm Pearl and I'm not from Japan but I have a japanese blood from my father.Our school or i mean students from our school mostly all of us are OBSESSED about the show NARUTO! Its not only for kids or boys.. students from our school is about 100,000 up! we actually had a Naruto fan club.. we love naruto so much!!! anyway.. I'm 14
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Well.. 2007/8/15 07:28
I am a 20 year old female from the UK, and I love Naruto! And this isn't just because I'm into boys shows either (I also happen to love Fruits Basket!).

To answer the question in the first post, you can find Naruto with English subtitles on online hosting sites such as Google Video, or Youtube. Some sites also have them available for download.

I would highly recommend watching these fansubs rather than the English dub. You usually find that the English subtitles provide a much more accurate translation than the dub, and the voices fit the characters SO much better too!
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One Piece 2007/8/15 23:40
A couple of months ago I was viewing some TV ratings for anime. Naruto was about ninth and One Piece was number 1. I was surprised One Piece was so popular. I personally think Naruto and Bleach are far better
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@foreign ppl over 15 who like naruto 2007/8/16 00:25
Dont you see it proves nothing if gaijins over 15 like Naruto? ^^; The simple fact remains that ppl in Japan will give you the same weird looks and comments that you are getting from ppl in your own country who call it childish to watch shows like that...
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