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Clothing Question 2017/7/20 05:13
Hi all,

I'm due to visit Kyoto at the end of September and having read numerous posts regarding clothing and I just have some queries I would like to clear up.

First off I've read that wearing all black is a sign of death and that it shouldn't be worn, personally my wardrobe has been all black for 10+ years now. Will this really be a problem in Japan? Staying in Kyoto I'll be visiting a lot of shrines and temples so don't want run into any problems, although due to the heat I am considering just going with some grey/white t-shirts just in case.

I was also planning on wearing shorts when roaming about during the daytime, from what I've read despite there being a preconceived notion that shorts are a no go generally a lot people seem to wear them?

I also have a tattoo on my leg that would be visible when wearing shorts, will this be a problem visiting places in Kyoto? I can just get a bandage to cover it so issue if so.

While I'm out and about during my days I'll be stopping by cafes and restaurants, will wearing shorts be a problem here? Or is it just higher class restaurants where this would obviously be a no go (same here in the UK so no surprise really).

Also how about males wearing tank tops?

Apologies for the barrage of questions, but despite visiting a foreign country for the first time on my own it is these small questions that seem to be concerning me!
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Re: Clothing Question 2017/7/20 10:49
While it is true that people wear black during funerals, it does not mean black is for funerals only. You can wear all black whenever and where ever you like.

Tank tops and shorts are perfectly fine. Working Japanese usually do not wear shorts, so you don't see them in shorts except on weekends. But you see lots of people on leisurely activities (including tourists) wearing them.

Tattoo on you leg is not an issue in general, except at some onsen/sento/swimming pools. Most Japanese are used to seeing foreigners with tattoos and they know it is a "fashion" statement.

Some high-end restaurants may have dress codes, so check with the restaurant before you go.
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Re: Clothing Question 2017/7/20 11:57
Nobody will care what you wear, Japan is a gigantic tourist destination, every sort of person can be seen here.

I have no idea why so many people believe this and are bringing up this 'issue'. Only thing is no (visible) tattoos in onsens.

Want to know what people will care about? If you smile, say thank you, and give a small nod/bow gesture when interacting with someone. That's basically it.
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Re: Clothing Question 2017/7/20 13:49
it is an absolute lie that people will not care what you're wearing. They will care, and look at you with contempt (and no wonder - shorts and tanktop in the city are an eyesore!).
The question is: will YOU care that they care? If you don't then wear what you want. If you do, then dress properly and not like you're going to the beach, and you'll be perfectly fine.
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Re: Clothing Question 2017/7/20 22:03
Black clothes, I don't see any problem in that, except the heat.
Shorts and tank top, no real problem either. However you will look like a total tourist. Yes, probably some people will look at you thinking that you are not well dressed, but frankly enough, when I was living in Rome, Madrid and Barcelona I was thinking the very same about many tourists there as well, and I am not Japanese. So if you (as many other tourists) don't care that you will look like a grungy tourist, there is no specific Japanese problem.
Regarding tattoo, only a problem in onsen/sento/baths.

I would say that in general Japanese even in their free time are more formally / elegantly dressed than many, specially Northern Europeans. But except from expensive restaurants, you should not have any problem if you come dressed like a tourist.

Just enjoy Japan and wear something that makes you personally feel comfortable.
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