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arashi summer concerts? 2005/4/15 07:21
i know arashi is giving its summer concert and i know the dates, but how do i go about getting tickets to a arashi concert? what is pia, and is it in english? thanks alot
by rini  

it's difficult 2005/6/11 22:42
i'am a frensh fan of arashi and i search a ticket for their concert too. But it's difficult. you must be in the johnny's fan club of arashi to have a ticket, and it's too late for this summer. you can have a ticket for sendai, hokkaido or fukuaka because they are sale some tickets in ''conbini''. if you want more information send me a mail.
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arashi concert tickets 2006/4/23 08:38
I am also looking for concert tickets... I was unsuccessful in 2005 and would really, really appreciate any tips on how to get them for 2006. Please reply if you are a member of the fanclub and are willing to sell extra tickets!
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looking 2006/5/11 12:38
I'm also looking for Arashi Concert tickets for this summer and the only way that I know you can get tickets is by phone? But I'm not sure. i wish i can get the tickets too.
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ticket help 2006/5/13 20:46
i found a website that might help with finding tickets...

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Arashi 2006/5/22 21:38
I really really need tickets!!! TOT For August 29-30. My flight is already booked and will loose a lot of money if I have to cancel because I wasn't able to get tickets! So please! TT-TT
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unofficial way though... 2006/5/29 15:27
you guys can get ticket through Yahoo Japan auction. But Johnny's prohibit entry to concert using auction-sold tickets. All tickets have fan club member names printed on it.

Melisa, I think it's really difficult. They decided to do additional concert on 8/31 and 9/1, that means too many people applied to 8/29 and 8/30(falls on Matu-Jun's birthday).

I bought tickets for Nagano(8/2). I heard most people who applied for Nagano got all ticket they wanted. If you guys can arrange the trip to smaller cities, they may still sell the ticket through ticket agencies for those who don't belong to the fan club.
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purcahse by phone 2006/5/29 18:02
Info from Johnny's web site.

Tickets can be purchased through phone service of ticket agencies.

Names of ticket agencies are: Ticket PIA, CN Play Guide and GIP.

Ticket sale starts at 10am Japan time on different dates for different venues.
Phone number for each venue is different. Please refert to Arashi concert page of Johnny's web's /kouen/concert/play_guide.html. (Sorry cannot write the whole URL because Johnny's Entertainment is very strict on those things...) You can use AltaVista Babel Fish for translation. Arashi will be translated as "Storm".

Competition to get the cieckts are really tough. Normally all ticket will be gone in half an hour. When I tried before I've always only got busy line message.

Chances to get tickets are slim, but If you're lucky enough, you can get the ticket by phone.
I'm not 100% sure, but if you become Ticket PIA member (can sign up online for free), you should be able to pay by credit card. I recommend you inquire PIA by e-mail if you're worried.

Good luck!

Hokkaido, Hiroshima, Nagoya and Fukuoka
Ticket sale starts: 6/18 10am by Ticket PIA

Ticket sale starts:6/25 10am by Ticket PIA and GIP

Ticket sale starts:7/2 10am by CN Play Guide

Ticket sale starts:7/2 10am by Ticket PIA

Nagano, Niigata, Fukui and Fukuoka:
Ticket sale starts: 7/2 by Ticket PIA and CN Play Guide
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thank you for a detailed reply ^_^ 2006/5/29 21:23
So there's absolutely no chance of being able to enter the concert hall if you bought your ticket from an auction, even if you say a friend gave you the ticket? I cannot speak enough Japanese to order over the phone, and even if I did, don't you have to be in Japan to pick up the ticket?

I feel most comfortable purchasing a ticket directly from a fanclub member, but unforunately do not know anyone in Japan to help.
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Hmmm 2006/5/29 22:33
If you buy ticket through fanclub, fanclub member name is printed on the ticket.

They do ramdom ID check (maybe 1 out of 300 people) at the entrance, or check ticekts of people in very good seats.

Even if you buy tickets from fanclub members, if you cannot prove you're the person (have to show ID or fanclub card), you may get kicked out and the fanclub member who sold the ticket will also be kicked out of the fanclub.

In that sense, buying from fanclub member and auction doesn't make much difference unless you go with the fanclub member. The safest way is to go with the fanclub member with her ticket with her name. Then ID check should be no problem.

But last year and this year solo concert, most people just went in without ID check.I don't know about this year. Johnny's sent out an e-mail to fanclub members that they're going to be more strict.

If you don't have a Japanese address, you can make a hotel reservation and ship the ticket to the hotel and ask them to keep it (high quality hotels would do that).

Finding someone who speaks Japanese and buying ticket thru the agencies seems good.

I heard some people who have extra tickets (like, two Arashi friends tried to get tickets for the same date to go with each other, and they both got tickets. So they have extra.) are going to sell it on ebay.

If you try buying from auction or any internet site including Yahoo! Japan, don't buy the ones that has seat number showing on the ticket picture.
Johnny's is watching tickets with seat numbers revealed.

Normally they hide seat numbers in the ticket picuture, and won't say exactly where.

If you have any Japanese friend in mixi.jp (social networking site, kind of like friendstar), then you can join Arashi fan community where you may be able to ask for extra tickets.

Hope you good luck :)
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if I get extra tickets... 2006/5/30 16:26
I'll provide info on the web site you referred to, as an user "anon".
Keep an eye on the site.
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another question 2006/6/1 01:54
I also have another question... if I somehow get a ticket for one day, can I go to the concert on an earlier day to buy goods? I'll probably end up buying everything and wouldn't want to take all of it in with me to my seat. ^_^;
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you probably can 2006/6/1 02:22
Last year in Yoyogi, and at Sho's Tokyo Solo concert (those are the only 2 I've been), they sold concert goods outside of the concert hall.
But I think they normally sell goods outside of the hall.It may depend on the location. You can go there on an earlier day to buy them.

Sometimes they run out of some items for the day.

You can also go to Johnny's shop to buy stuff, but I think during the concert season they don't sell concert goods. Just regular good and pictures.

Hope it helps.
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arashi 2006/6/16 00:31
i'm also a french fan of arashi. is there a french or english good fan club or websites about them? do you think they 'll come in europe to do some concerts soon?
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maybe not anytime soon 2006/6/21 15:22
Wow, I didn't know there are some fans in Europe. I don't think any group in the same company (Johnny's office) ever done concert in Europe.

Arashi's going to Taiwan for concerts, but Ibelieve that's the first time for them to have concerts outside of Japan.

What you can do it to look at Johnny's official website with web translation tools, or search for English/French fan sites.
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I have some extra tickets for mid-August 2006/6/25 23:09
I reserved some tickets for a mid August concert, but my work schedule changed and I won't be able to make it. If any of you're interested, please go to the web site in a prior post by another person and follow the link to contact me. I'm posting more detail as user Anon. Thanks :)
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arashi 2006/6/27 18:36
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thanks 2006/6/28 22:50
thanks for the info....

if there are tours and concerts pls notify me....

thanks a lot


website for arashi bands?
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Concert Taiwan, Korea and Thailand! 2006/7/8 04:13
They'll be on Asia concert tour after the summer concert in Japan.
If you're in either Taiwan, Korea or Thailand, they're coming to your country!
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Arashi concert schedule 2006/7/12 04:54
i don't know where to ask this question around here. i'm new. and i hope somebody could help me. what is the summer tour schedule across japan?
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