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Sumo Tickets/Baseball Tickets 2017/7/22 00:00
Does anyone know what website is best to purchase sumo tickets. I would like to go in Osaka in late October

Also does anyone know when the baseball playoff schedule will be available
Thank You
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Re: Sumo Tickets/Baseball Tickets 2017/7/22 10:49
Osaka hosts the Grand Sumo Tournament in March, not October. There are no Grand Sumo tournaments in October. There are Sept. and Nov. tournaments in Tokyo and Fukuoka, respectively.
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Re: Sumo Tickets/Baseball Tickets 2017/7/22 11:35
Here the web site to buy sumo tickets:

BUT, when I tried to buy for Tokyo in January this year and entered to the page about 30 min after the tickets went on sale, the page was overloaded and not working. The same fate with their phone reservation. So I went to a conbini to buy tickets at their vending machine only to find out that about 60 min after they went on sale, there were no more tickets for weekends. (there were a few left for weekdays, but I couldn't make that due to work).

Previous poster is also right about schedule of sumo.

There is however sometime smaller sumo events at temples. But that would need some searching. You might want to type in "‘Š–o@‘εγ" for looking for sumo events in Osaka and the month (e.g. 10ŒŽjand see what comes up.

No idea about baseball. But there are definitely much more baseball events than sumo.
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Re: Sumo Tickets/Baseball Tickets 2017/8/29 08:06
As for baseball, the NPB English site still says TBD for the playoffs (climax series), but the Nihongo site is updated with the dates.

The 2nd and 3rd place teams play a series from 10/14 - 10/16. The winners of that series plays the 1st place teams from 10/18 - 10/23. Nihon Series is from 10/28 - 10/31.
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Re: Sumo Tickets/Baseball Tickets 2017/8/29 09:14
For tournaments, tickets usually sellout in 3-5 minutes after they go on sale.

You can use a pre-order service (+ luck)
The PIA lottery (mainly luck)
be on the site to buy at 10 a.m. and get a connection (+ luck).
Buy from a reseller (like JTB - bad seats, big mark-up).

(and sumo in October - maybe you are tlaking about the "tour" 22nd October.)
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