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Road up to Osorezan 2017/7/22 09:51
I am currently planning a travel through Japan on my bicycle ( One of the destinations I want to visit is Osorezan.
I wonder if the direct road that Google Maps shows between Aomori Kenritsu Tanabu High School and the temple up on Osorezan is asphalted. Please see a map of the road here:

I know that road no. 4 is asphalted, but I would like to avoid it. I also tried to look up the road on google maps satellite view, but the resolution is not very good and it doesn't help that there are so many trees ;-)

So I hope some traveller knows.

Thank you!
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Re: Road up to Osorezan 2017/7/22 17:11
Just a guess - but since the map link you supplied shows it as an `un-named road`, my guess is that it is not paved. In a car some years ago, we would have used the larger roads.
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Re: Road up to Osorezan 2017/7/23 12:46
I have been to Osorezan 3 times by car.
However, I have never passed the road you designated.
For your information, I will inform you of the route I recommend.
My recommended route is to go to Observatory of Mt. Kamafuse, then go to Osorezan and Yagen Onsen (Hot spring) by the prefectural road No. 4.
Although the road No. 4 is paved with asphalt, there are many ascending and descending because of the mountain road and it is a recommended road for cycling.
I hope that my information will be helpful to you.

*URL (Observatory of Mt. Kamafuse) :
*URL (Yagen onsen) :
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Re: Road up to Osorezan 2017/7/23 20:30
From the google Street view tool it looks like it is not paved. Enjoy your trip !
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