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Day trip to Ibaraki and Kumano travel 2017/7/22 21:47

I'll be travelling to Japan this November and appreciate if anyone could please give me some input with the questions below;

1. I'll stay in Shingu for 2 nights. I'll arrive in Shingu in the afternoon the 1st day so maybe i'll just stay in town and visit Shingu shrine. I will have full day the 2nd day. Is it viable to visit Hongu and Nachi in 1 day using public transport given that i won't do any hikings.
2. Is it viable to do a day trip to Fukuroda fall in Ibaraki from Tokyo using public transport because it seems very far from Tokyo? If i can only take a day trip to Ibaraki and have to choose between Fukuroda fall and Mt Tsukuba, which option will be better? I will be visiting early Nov so hopefully i'll be able to see some colours then.

Appreciate any response and thank you so much in advance :)
by cuccu11  

Re: Day trip to Ibaraki and Kumano travel 2017/7/23 14:05
1. Where in Nachi do you want to go? The falls? Hongu to Shingu is about 80 minutes by bus. From Shingu, take another bus that will take you close to the falls, but some walking will be required to get very close. If you want to visit the Takimi Temple, you can continue on with the same bus to Kumanonachi Taisha Shrine then a longer walk will be required. Alternative is to hike from the falls to Takimi Temple (some steep hills are involved). Either case, I think it can be done in a day by a person of average health.
by Bearfield (guest) rate this post as useful

Re: Day trip to Ibaraki and Kumano travel 2017/7/23 15:34
Thank you for your response.

I'll probably just go to Nachi Taisha and Hongu Taisha, and hopefully squeeze in the onsen around Hongu. It's just that there seems to be not many buses during the day. Are there buses going directly from Nachi to Hongu and then Shingu?

Also, has anyone got experience with Amahut tour in Ise? How long does it take including travelling time from and to Toba station?

Many thanks :)
by cuccu11 rate this post as useful

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