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Please teach me how to say this in Japanese 2017/7/24 12:55
Sorry! How to say below sentences in Japanese?

1. My wife said in her opinion I was very different from Hong Kong men. She was surprised at how 優しい, patient and attention to details I was to her. In addition, she was very impressed that I spent much time and effort every day to communicate with her, care about her, sacrificed for her and help her as much as possible. Also, she appreciated that I could understand and enjoy cultural difference and I never complaint about anything. Therefore, she decided to marry me.

2. To sum up, both of us have been totally attracted to each other in terms of 性格 and 価値観 and so we decided that each other is the best partner possible for marriage. We have been thinking of each other every day even we could not meet often in person. It has been difficult to meet so we cherished every minute we spent together and were very happy. And every time when we said goodbye at an airport, we were so sad and could not help crying. Unlike many other people who would have given up already under such a situation, although it has been very difficult for us to maintain our relationship, we still have enjoyed it very much and never tried to give up. Therefore, we will highly appreciate it if you could approve this application. Thank you very much.
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Re: Please teach me how to say this in Japanese 2017/7/28 18:32
I have ignored grammatical subtleties. And I could not understand what "this application" means.


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Re: Please teach me how to say this in Japanese 2017/7/28 21:50
As far as I understand it, it is an application for a visa, so it is not 申し出 but more like 申請 .
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