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Mutekiya ramen 2017/7/24 22:57
Hello, im planning to try Mutekiya ramen which is really famous among foreigners and the queue can be really mad at dinner time.
I see that Mutekiya opens tills 4am in the morning, so i plan to try the ramen at 10pm or 11pm to avoid the crowd but im a bit afraid missing the last train to get back to my hotel if the queue still long.
Does anyone know / have experience whether the queue would usually shorter at around 10pm?

Thank you!
by ivan (guest)  

Re: Mutekiya ramen 2017/7/25 20:38
If that time you do not have to wait so long,
but that ramen shop do not have a special reputation for Japanese ramen lovers.
Long waiting boom even in the night is overed about two years ago.
The long line in the daytime recently is made by Chinese tourists mostly.
China is one of no Google,FB and more country, it is easy to be misguided as biased information.

There is a difference in taste among Japanese people, so it is better not to refer to others' evaluation,
except if professional chefs are explaining in details.

Although it is written in the shop site,
the taste of the shop accepting the large number of customers is not stable,
so Japanese ramen lovers dislike no fixed taste level shops.
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Re: Mutekiya ramen 2017/7/26 12:28

I would ignore what the previous post as extremely ignorant and dumb comment and not relevant.

Mutekiya does great ramen if not the best in tokyo so go anytime you like don't worry about the crowds as they will take your order while waiting.



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Re: Mutekiya ramen 2017/7/26 20:35
It is not such a dumb comment. I feel for a tourist trap in my country too because it was full of asian and the stuff spoke good Japanese. I really fell for it, but now with more Sushi knowledge i finally realised that their maguro nigiri tasted like nothing, because i always took to much soy Sauce to realize lol and there other food like Unagi were just frozen food they made warm. I think the owner was not even Japanese but German fooling other Germans and tourist.

So while i do not know if it fits that discription, it is a possibility one should be Aware of. Especially considerinf that chinese do not Need passport if they come from Kyushu if i remember correctly.

But you also cannot trust online reviews, have absolutly no idea about what they are talking and some a downright false. There are so many bad Sushi places in Germany i looked at Japanese Review site for places in Germany and they were all fake. They rated places i went as really good.
but i know they were so bad that i even recognised and if i do, i think it is impossible that a Japanese can really think its good.

While obviously it also happens that Japanese have different taste, but in my cases im very sure they are just really low quality.

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Re: Mutekiya ramen 2017/7/26 20:50
And even though it should be self explanatory obviously not every Japanese has a good taste and just because there is a long line does not prove very much, just to let me clarify obviously also not every who come from the country is ignorant of world views. But i think he just said it to make a point, not to discriminate or offend anyone.
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Re: Mutekiya ramen 2017/7/27 12:00
Why was the Chinese mention, China pours billions into Japanese economy so this is and insult saying that

To turn people away is just ridiculous and to talk about Japanese acquired taste is just laughable.

Mutekiya is amazing and serves plenty of Japanese Nationals on a day to day basis plus international travellers from all over the world so to the original poster on this topic he or she should go whenever they like.

I been there I am Australia and have observed this.

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