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Bug Collecting tips 2017/7/25 02:21
I plan to visit Japan at Some point in the near future and really enjoy insect collecting. Where are some good general locations to go looking for insects? and are there places where I should not collect at (I would presume places like shrines might frown upon that)?Anyone have any general Tip/Trick for someone insect collecting in Japan?

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Re: Bug Collecting tips 2017/7/26 06:43
I am going to go Captain Obvious and say, I think mountains, forests, and marshes around ponds and rivers would be perfect for this. Anywhere outside cities because Japanese cities tend to not have much vegetation.

Oh and temples and shrines would have zero problem with you bug-collecting around their property.
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Re: Bug Collecting tips 2017/7/26 07:31
Within cities, you can try fields by the rivers. There are lots of flood control fields along rivers (some are utilized as baseball/soccer fields when not flooding, which is like 99% of the time).
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