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Anime/cosplay shops in tokyo 2005/4/15 16:04
Tokyo 23-ku
will be going tokyo in mid may, was wondering where to find anime/cosplay shops or cafe in tokyo?
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. 2005/4/16 22:26
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others 2005/4/17 05:46
That's a great list. I would add Aso Bit City in Akihabara and Mandarake's many shops at Nakano Mall. I visited both w/my son in march after getting recommendations from tehis board, and both were very good. Nakano mall's upper levels are just shop after shop after shop of anime and manga and collectibles, and some cosplay outfits in cases. Mandarkae in Shibuya has a cosplay stage, I believe, although I didn't get there. Will go next time though.
Now why didn't I ever hear about that cosplay cafe?? Have to check that out.
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many thanks 2005/4/18 00:08
Woah~ got lots of choices to make...many thanks guys...really appreciate it...now i have to fit it into my intinery!! However, if there's a must-go shop or something...let me know ya? :D
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. 2005/4/18 05:59
Depends on what to buy.

Anime CD/DVD: Animate, Gamers, Ishimaru Denki
Secondhand anime CD/DVD: Liberty, Trader (Akihabara)
Anime goods: Animate, Gamers, Cospa
Manga/Magazines: Animate, Gamers, Mandarake, K-Books, Toranoana
Dojinshi: Mandarake, K-Books, Toranoana
Cosplay outfits/accessories: Cospa

Ishimaru Denki is also worth visiting if you buy anime CD/DVD.
You can get a free favorite anime poster per CD/DVD.

In locations, visit Akihabara, Ikebukuro or Nakano.

Some useful webpages:
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Complete Shopping Guide 2005/11/4 07:22
This is just one of the answers I have covered in my book. I have tried to make the Anime and Electronics Shopping Guide to Tokyo a complete guide to specialist shopping. Including maps, photos, shop descriptions, ratings, and a lot more information besides.

The guide can be found at http://www.guide.anime.org.uk
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to the top 2006/7/11 22:16
I am sending this post to the top of the questions for the lady who is looking for anime places to take her daughter. There are some cosplay cafes listed in this post.
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cheap cosplay/lolita accessories wanted 2006/9/20 19:13
I am heading soon to TOKYO and i would like to know if someone know where to buy cheap items related to cosplay and especially gothic lolita fashion. Thanks a lot!!
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shopping! 2006/9/22 08:43
The Akihabara Tora No Ana and the Nakano Mandarake are the two best places to go shopping for manga, in my very humble opinion. Mandarake Shibuya is good, too.

As for as cheap cosplay goes... well, that's quite difficult. There are a few stores in the Nakano Broadway building (where Mandarake is). There's a couple scattered around Akiba. There's undoubtedly some around Harajuku's Takeshita-dori.
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Newer anime 2006/9/24 14:50
I was just wondering if anyone can suggest a good store to buy newer (as in currently still on-air) anime items, preferably shoujo, such as pencil cases, cell phone accessories, plushies, etc. (I don't know any Japanese so buying anime and manga is out of the question).

I'll be traveling to Tokyo for only 2 days, and I won't have much time to go shopping around for stuff so a one-stop shop would be great to find the stuff I'm looking for. Would the Animate store in Ikebukura be good? And does anyone know how to get there exactly? Thanks for any future input.
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Mandarake 2007/10/2 23:51
I heard there's a branch of Mandarake in Akihabara, but can find no details. Does anyone know where it's located?
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mandrake... 2008/6/16 12:57
The mandrake in Tokyo is actually in Shibuya, like 10 mins walk from the station, not sure exactly where but it shouldnt be too hard to find with google. Its got loooots of manga, and a reasonable selection of models and other such things too
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