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Kyoto 2017/7/26 17:32
I'm planning a trip up to kyoto this dec.
Will be driving from kansai airport directly to kyoto. targeting to depart at 12noon.
1st stop to be at Fushimi Inari, Kiyomizu-dera, Ninen-zaka & Sannen-zaka
Was wondering how much time I'd need at each location. Would like to arrived to my hotel around 6pm.

Thank you for reading this!
by Yvonne Lauw (guest)  

Re: Kyoto 2017/7/26 22:05
It depends on how much time you spend at each place and how awful the traffic is between them. This site has some suggested groupings of places to visit that are close to each other. When I planned my Kyoto trip I used a map and marked the places I wanted to see, then arranged which ones to see on which days.
by SkipperL rate this post as useful

Re: Kyoto 2017/7/27 00:37
I think it is doable. For a full round of fushimi Inari you need about 4 hours if you take it slowly. Kiyomizu dera can easily be reached by train from fushimi.

The main temple of Kiyomizu dera is fully covered up for construction purposes so you may want to choose another alternative.
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Re: Kyoto 2017/7/28 14:57
Thank you!
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Re: Kyoto 2017/7/28 17:17
I dont think it is doable. You target 12 noon to depart airport. 90 minutes to Fushimi Inari. Fushini Inari requires 1hr to 3hrs depending on whether you walk up the mountain to view all the Tori Gates. Kiyomizudera also requires 1hr to 3hrs, depending on whether you just visit the temple or surrounding Higashiyama district. Dunno what the other two locations are, but assuming more time taken. Then attempting to arrive at hotel buy 6pm.
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Re: Kyoto 2017/7/28 23:51
Would it be better to just go to fushimi. Then play by ear for kiyomizu-dera?
I have one more full day in Kyoto.
Was planning on sagano train ride & bamboo forest for the first half of the day. 2nd half is left to explore Gion/pontochu alley.
I should be able to fit in kiyomizu-dera.
Any suggestions to fit 2 sights in half a day would be greatly appreciated!
by Yvonne (guest) rate this post as useful

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