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EMS Package from Japan? 2017/7/26 21:34
So i have a package which was sent via EMS Japan, on the 20th it got to the inward office of exchange in my country (Pakistan). Then 3 Hours later it was departed from the inward office of exchange which i presume that custom clearance was completed. Now its the 26th and there no further tracking updates and before you ask what it was they were just Beyblade's. So what should i do now its been 6 days since it departed from the office, or is this normal, Thankyou for your time :)
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Re: EMS Package from Japan? 2017/7/27 11:10
Contact you local post service as it is inside you country
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Re: EMS Package from Japan? 2017/7/27 12:35
Umm Idk how to and what am I supposed to ask them ?
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Re: EMS Package from Japan? 2017/7/27 15:12
Once an EMS parcel arrives in your country, it is in the hands of your country's postal service. The Japan Post tracking page does not get updated unless your country's postal service scans the bar code on the package, which sends the information to the central postal service and then the information might be sent to Japan Post.

You need to contact your local post office (the one that serves as the central depot for packages to be delivered to your area), OR the customs office, and ask them if they have your package; you need to give your name, address, contact phone/e-mail, the package sender's name and the tracking number. If they say they don't, you need to request for a search/investigation.
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