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igai wa or igai ni? 2017/7/29 18:33
Good Evening everyone.

Today I have been studying the grammar point of igai ni/wa as in (apart from this)

I cant for the life of me figure out when to use ni or wa after igai.


Those sentences look exactly the same to me.
Apart from this, i dont have this.

Why is one wa and the other ni?

Thank you

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Re: igai wa or igai ni? 2017/7/30 00:10
Okay, I am not Japanese, so take my answer with care, but I don't think that the two sentences are totally comparable. Just try to add to the first sentence, one more enunciation:


So I think in the second sentence the stress is on the "other Japanese" people that I do not know. Rather than on the "except you" part.

Also, I guess it is only a typo, but "wa" is always written は as a particle, never わ also obviously it is pronounced the same.
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Re: igai wa or igai ni? 2017/7/30 16:23
Thank you for the reply!

Yes it was a typo.

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