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90cm x 90cm Kotatsu Table 2017/8/6 07:12
I've been searching for about a month now for a 90cm sq kotatsu table (preferably wood finish) that I can get delivered to my Canadian address. The closest I got was Amazon.co.jp where at first I tried my personal PO Box just to find out that they don't deliver to PO Boxes. So I went with the mailing address of where I live (which is a house address) and ran into other issued regarding the inability to ship.

Anything more domestic (eBay, Amazon.ca, Amazon.com, +others) and the largest I have found was 80cm sq.

Is there no place that will ship a 90x90 to Canadian addresses?
by Joe (guest)  

Re: 90cm x 90cm Kotatsu Table 2017/8/8 19:00
Have you checked on ebay. There many offers. You just have to get your time. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/kotatsu and I think most of the sellers send in canada. You will need some time though to check and find what you are looking for. You may be able to find also some in https://www.rakuten.com/ But check it. I read it somewhere. I only know for sure ebay can provide you, but take a look in rakuten also.

And as I always say. Take your time with shopping. Read exactly what the seller offers. If you shop from ebay make sure to read the reviews, the Positive feedback and the items that the seller had sold. Be sure before you buy anything.

Hope you find what you are looking for. ^_^
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