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Kobe Beef Price Difference and Reservations 2017/8/7 20:23
I've been looking at the menus for many top Kobe Beef restaurants in Kobe and have been rather astounded by the price differential between lunch and dinner.

Is there any reason (aside from "because it's dinner") that dinner menus have such higher prices for Kobe Beef versus their lunch menus?

I've noticed that a good proportion of the lunch menus specifiy "roast" which is obviously less expensive than sirloin or filet, but I've also seen some relatively cheap lunch menus featuring sirloin with much higher dinner prices for sirloin as well.

Any info as to why would be much appreciated!

A few of the restaurants I've been considering are in Sannomiya. They are Mouriya, Ishida and Kokubu. We won't be staying in Kobe, but will be visiting on the way back to Osaka from Himeji.

What's the best way to approach reservations for these restaurants?
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Re: Kobe Beef Price Difference and Reservations 2017/8/11 01:26
No one has any ideas?
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Re: Kobe Beef Price Difference and Reservations 2017/8/11 04:44
No sorry, but in overpriced Sushi restaurant in Germany where i was they had different prices for the same stuff depending on wether it was for lunch or dinner.
I wish i could help you. But why not just try it out, life is an adventure.
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Re: Kobe Beef Price Difference and Reservations 2017/8/11 05:43
Each restaurant must have its own reason for the price difference between lunch and dinner. But according to two friends of mine who both own restaurants, they just hope to break even for lunch operation. Because they don't sell as much alcoholic drinks (where most of the profits come from) during lunch, and most people have limited budget for lunch (like less than 1000 yen typically). It is listed from #1 down, click of the name of the restaurant gives more details. "\Z ij30,000` ij20,000`" means dinner budget starts from 30000 yen and up, lunch gudget from 20000 yen & up.

Below is the top 20 rated steak restaurants in Kobe, as voted by Tabelog (popular Japanese review site, similar to yelp) :
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Re: Kobe Beef Price Difference and Reservations 2017/8/15 08:39
Does not have to be a kobe beef restaurant. A recent restaurant I went to here in Tokyo it was Y1,100 for the lunch set menu, but dinner would have been four times as much simply because they do similar items in a slightly different way (we were looking at the menus out of interest).

As for a local (Tokyo) kobe beef restaurant that I sometimes go to, they also have a cheap lunch menu where you can get something for around Y1500, but for dinner it is a la carte and it is a different menu - and then you can choose your Y60 per gram steaks.
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