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2nd hand motorcycle classifieds? 2017/8/11 14:45
I'm in the market for a used 125 cc scooter. When I googled "used bikes in Tokyo" the only site showing lots of bikes is goobike.com, but on closer inspection most ads are new bikes from dealers, only a few privately owned ones. There should be hundreds of used bikes for sale by private owners in this city but I can't find any other site. I tried Craigslist but there are only a handful of bikes to choose from - that can't be all?
I've lived in Berlin, Athens, Lyon, San Francisco, Honolulu, Bangkok and more cities, never had a problem finding classified ads!
Any advice is appreciated.
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Re: 2nd hand motorcycle classifieds? 2017/8/11 22:21





You can also try googling with these terms:
中古 バイク 東京

You may also want to try out this site, it's like the craigslist of Japan.

Mercari is also a good place to look for second hand stuff.

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Re: 2nd hand motorcycle classifieds? 2017/8/12 19:30
Thanks for the reply! I should have mentioned that I can't read kanji, so any site that doesn't feature pics with prices and phone numbers won't help me much.
Of course I realize now that the majority of ads are in Japanese; in Thailand I could find sites that featured bikes for sale in English, actually the ones with the most ads were in English, and there were regional groups on facebook.
Guess there are more foreigners living in Thailand than in Japan.
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