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Kamata to Kamakura route? 2017/8/14 10:11
I'm thinking of going to Kamakura for a day, but unsure of the route to take. Any suggestion please? Should I buy the Enoshima pass? Any attractions around Enoshima?
by Black Joker  

Re: Kamata to Kamakura route? 2017/8/14 10:34
Hyperdia is your friend.
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Re: Kamata to Kamakura route? 2017/8/14 13:59
Enoshima itself is an attraction. Have a look at the guide on this page. I specially like to cross over to the other side of Enoshima and relax on the stones at the sea looking out over the Pacific to Mt Fuji.
Previous poster is right, travel connections you can easily find using google maps or the like.
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Re: Kamata to Kamakura route? 2017/8/14 15:57
There are two major ways to get from Kamata area to Kamakura area. One is by a Keikyu train (departing from Keikyu Kamata station) and the other is by a JR East train (departing from JR Kamata station).

Then once you arrive at Kamakura, it's quite a 30 minute ride to Enoshima on the Enoden train, which is a slow but scenic ride (so be sure to queue at the platform to get seats by the window).

Depending on what you want to see, you can search the following websites or contact each company for details.


JR East


I hope you have fun, and watch out for the heat!
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Re: Kamata to Kamakura route? 2017/8/19 16:33
You really need two days to see both Kamakura and Enoshina areas. But you could rush it and omit sights to get both in to one day.

If travel there from Kamata, JR has lines that will get you there. Use hyperdia and/or google maps to see. Costs 640 yen.

If you get off at Ofuna station, there is a pass the covers the Shonan monorail to Enoshima, all of the tram line and Jr lines between Fujisawa, Ofuna and Kumakura. Details are on the JR East wesbite.
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