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Where to start? 2017/8/14 15:36

I am looking to start learning Japanese. I want to make sure I learn from native speakers and want to speak, listen and read. I also want to learn to write by hand but more to supplement my knowledge overall.

Where are good places to start if immersing myself in Japan is not exactly an option?

Free websites, apps, tests, podcasts, TV shows, etc are all welcome. I want to make sure I'm listening to Japanese constantly because I know it'll help with pronunciation.

I'm also open to email pen pals to practice with, if anyone is looking to improve their English. I've lived all over the US so I'm not restricted to one dialect or accent. I've also lived in Europe so I have experience working on other languages but German is my strongest and it shares a lot of similarities with English.

Japan is always a culture I've appreciated and been fascinated with, as far back as I can remember. I feel that learning to be proficient would open up the possibility of visiting or even living there one day.

I am pretty shy, and don't have a lot of free time, but I'm hoping I can find someone who will be patient with me, as I'm fully anticipating many mistakes!

Thank you!
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Re: Where to start? 2017/8/14 18:47
Get a good textbook.
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Re: Where to start? 2017/8/14 20:52
I would always advise to try to find an evening class. There is no better way to learn than from a native speaker along with other people. All the classes I have seen use the "Japanese for busy people" books which are really good. If you do decide to go that route buy the Kana version as it forces you to read Hiragana & Katakana from the beginning which is much better.
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Re: Where to start? 2017/8/14 21:05
Many hints for learning Japanese have already been shared.

日本語で「日記」を書くか、"vlog" をアップロードしよう。
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Re: Where to start? 2017/8/15 00:34
@Stan, that's a good idea. I've done some searching for where to start but there's so much online that I guess I wanted to ask people currently in the process. But a night class is an excellent idea.
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